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Teddy Bear Hamsters


Caring for Teddy Bear Hamsters

Some of the cutest hamsters people keep as house pets are the teddy bear hamsters. These hamsters are known for their long soft hair, and this makes it resemble a small toy teddy bear. They can also be referred to as, angora or fancy type hamsters. They come in an array of different colors and their hair length can go to semi short to very long. They are easy to take care of and can also be very friendly and responsive.

Teddy bear hamsters can live up to 4 years if properly cared for. They are clean animals and great starter pets for children. Although they are friendly animals, they will need to be handled when they are young. Picking up a teddy bear hamster wearing light gloves is a good idea to start with, especially if children will be handling them. This way they will be less likely to bite anyone.

You cannot house teddy bear hamsters in the same cage. After these hamsters mature they like to be left alone. Unless it is mating time, keeping 2 or more of these hamsters in a cage together will eventually lead to great injury or even death. Female teddy bear hamsters have to be quickly removed from the cage after mating because they have been known to kill off the males.

If you are thinking of purchasing a teddy bear hamster for your family, it is a good idea to know how to take care of them properly.

You have many options for housing the hamster. You can use either a plastic square cage or a wire mesh cage. Some pet stores even have special cages specifically used for hamsters. These cages have tubes and multi leveled sections that hamsters love. But it is not necessary to have a special type cage.  But there is one thing to remember. Hamsters are escape artists and once they get out they will not return on there own. Whatever choice of cage you use, make sure that you have a meshed metal covering that snaps firmly into place on top of the cage. Do not use a solid covering for ventilation purposes.

You will have to also decide on a bedding material for the bottom of the cage. You can use brand name bedding available at pet stores but you can also use paper toweling or tissues. Hamsters love to chew up their own beds and nesting’s, so paper toweling is perfect for this. You will have to clean the cage out every week.  If the cage has a removable slide out bottom this task becomes easier.

Hamsters need plenty of exercise. They love to run around and play, so feel free to put in hamster wheels or extra tubing to crawl around on. You can also place a small cardboard box in the cage. The hamster may either chew it and reuse the material or have a neat place to hide.

Always have food and water available for your hamster. Instead of just using a water dish, you will have to purchase a water distributor that is placed on the side of the cage. Hamsters will just make a wet mess if they are forced to use a water dish. They also store their food in their bedding. They like to do this and usually eat the food at a later time. Be careful not to over feed your hamster and do not spoil it with foods high in fat and sugar. A tiny cracker is a good treat but too much fruit can upset the hamster’s stomach, so fruits must be given sparingly.

With the proper care and attention you can enjoy your teddy bear hamsters for years to come.