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Fish Pellets

How to Decide on Fish Pellets

If you have fish in your home you have probably spent some time thinking about fish pellets and which ones are best for your pets.  You should know that there are some pellets that will float to the top of the tank and there are some that may fall to the bottom.  If you have a fish that is a bottom feeder this may be just fine but you should know that the pellets that float can be just as enjoyable to your fish.

In order to determine which type of fish pellets you need you should spend some time learning about the fish that you are trying to feed.  You need to make sure that you are purchasing the type that your fish will enjoy. You want them to eat so that they will remain healthy.  You can often purchase regular fish pellets that are called staple fish pellets.  These are often best because they can be used in several different types of fish tanks.

If you will be feeding fish in an outdoor pond you will want to be sure that these fish pellets will soften.  This makes them a lot easier to digest and it will ensure that you are not making your fish sick.  You can often purchase floating sticks to use in these types of locations.  They work best for outdoor ponds and they are enjoyed by the many fish that you have in your pond.  You may also want to check the protein content of the fish pellets that you are purchasing.  You can talk to someone at the store about the types of fish you are feeding with the pellets.  He or she will be able to let you know which type of pellets have an adequate amount of protein for your fish.

It is interesting to know that you can also purchase medicated fish pellets for your fish.  These pellets can be given to your fish once a week or once every two weeks.  This type of food will help your fish fight off any types of diseases or parasites that may actually make them sick.  This is a wonderful way to help keep your fish healthy.  You can also talk to the employees at the pet store about these types of pellets to see if there are certain types that should be given to different breeds of fish.  You do not want to give your fish something that is going to make them ill.  That would be defeating the purpose.  Another option you have related to fish pellets includes vegetable pellets. You will want to use these pellets if you have algae eaters in your tank.  This is the best type of food to use for them.

Taking the time to learn all you can about your fish and the different types of fish pellets is the best thing you can do in order to keep your fish healthy.  You never want to place food in the tank that is designed for one certain type of fish. This will increase the chances of another fish eating it and making them sick.  You will want to find fish pellets that are designed for multiple fish so that they can be used for feedings.  If you have a certain fish that needs a certain type of food you may want to think about separating that fish and putting it in its own tank.  This makes feeding easier and it keeps your fish healthy and happy.  If you are serious about your fish you will want to do whatever it takes to keep all of them healthy and happy for a long time.

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