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Fierce Animals

What Do People Define as Fierce Animals?

According to the dictionary, a fierce animal is defined as violent, wild, savage and cruel. These attributes are not rare in the wild, especially when it comes to predators. When people are asked which animals they think are the fiercest, the answers are often the same and you will find that a number of animals clearly seem scary and cruel to us. This article introduces some of these fierce animals that people fear.

Great White Shark

The great white shark gained its name from the remarkable white color of its belly. This shark species can be found almost anywhere in the world and prefers living around coastal areas. The great white shark is the largest shark that does not feed on plankton and is the largest predatory fish at the same time. Although it lives almost anywhere, it is actually an endangered species because it is hunted by humans. But why is the great white shark feared?

This type of shark has virtually no natural enemies- there is no other fierce animal in the ocean that could possibly overpower the great white shark. Similarly, when coming face to face with unarmed humans, the winner is most likely the shark. This is due to its incredible size, strength and aggressive nature. However, according to studies, sharks only attack 3-7 humans a year! Most of the time these attacks happen to surfers or swimmers who swim on the surface because their dark swimming suits make them look like seals to the shark. These unprovoked attacks end deadly only 20% of the time.

Venomous Snake

Venomous snakes use poison to hunt and defend themselves. They inject the poison by biting the victim and often enough this attack ends deadly. About 10% of all known varieties of snakes worldwide are venomous. Instead of biting, some snakes simply spit at their victim which does not necessarily kill it, but definitely poison it so that it becomes paralyzed and can then be eaten.

The most dangerous and venomous snake in the world is the Inland Taipan and lives in Central Australia. One single bite is sufficient to kill 100 fully grown humans!

Grizzly Bear

The grizzly bear is named one of the fierce animals in the US. Even Native Americans have hunted it to eat it and use its skin, fur and teeth for their own use. Since the arrival of white settlers, the number of grizzly bears has become dangerously low and national parks are trying to keep them alive.

But why is this cuddly bear one of the fierce animals? Well, it is quite a big guy and one bite or one good slap can knock a human being unconscious or even kill. It is notable that grizzly bears will actually escape when they hear humans, and they rarely attack out of nowhere. You will find that mothers or injured grizzly bears are more likely to attack as measure of defense. A very clear majority of cases where grizzly bears have attacked humans were due to provocation from humans.

African Lion

Although Hippos and Leopards actually have the reputation of being very dangerous, the African lion counts as one of the fierce animals in the world. This is because there have been cases in which these lions have systematically targeted humans who were working in construction or on farms. In fact, two lions that were eventually caught and killed were tested by scientists to determine whether they actually ate humans. In this test, one lion turned out to have primarily fed on human flesh which, according to statistics, means that he must have eaten about 35 humans in his lifetime. However, these cases are an exception and there are far more dangerous animals in Africa.

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