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Alpaca Shearing


How to Go about Alpaca Shearing

Alpaca shearing takes place in the spring time.  Some people will hire an expert to complete this task for them while others have completed the task so many times that they are comfortable doing it each year.  The bottom line is that it needs to be completed quickly so that the animal is not under a lot of stress.  This is especially true when you think of the females that are often pregnant in the spring time.

Because alpaca shearing can be very frightening for the animal, it may be a good idea to administer a mild sedative to the animal about fifteen minutes before you are ready to start the process.  This is going to help keep the animal a little bit calmer. You can also take a sock and place it over the animal’s nose and mouth.  This is going to help keep it from spitting on you while you are shearing it.  You will want to take a vacuum or a blower and get the dirt and dust off of the animal’s fur before you begin.

You are going to need to keep the feet of the alpaca restrained with ropes and keep them placed on a pivot. You are going to need to make sure that you also have someone that is going to hold the animals held down.  This is very important so that the animal does not bite you or hurt itself by moving around a lot.  You are going to want to start at the belly of the animal and use the shears from front to back.  You are going to repeat this process to the spine of the animal.  You will then rotate the alpaca and complete the process on the other side. You will place all of the fur into bags.

You will then need to shear the neck of the animal along with its legs.  You will need to continue rotating the animal so that you get all of its fur.  You will then need to take the fur from the neck and the legs and place it into its own bag.  You will need to write the name of the alpaca on the bag along with the animal’s weight.  This is going to help you keep track of their growth and it can also help you make decisions related to mating them.

You can actually complete alpaca shearing with a table.  This is going to help keep the animal safe and restrained a little more.  This may be a good idea if you do not have a lot of help.  You are going to need to read about the table and the sling to be sure that you have placed the animal into it properly and to ensure that it is restrained appropriately.  This is going to be a wonderful investment if you have a lot of alpacas and you are going to be shearing them yourself.

Remember that the most important aspect of alpaca shearing is to ensure that you are completing the job without harming the animal.  You are going to need to be 100% certain that you can complete this job without hurting yourself or the animal involved. If you are not comfortable or you have never done this before, you may want to ask someone else to complete the job. You may also want to find out if there are any classes available that can help you with this chore. You will most likely find out that there is a wealth of knowledge available related to this topic. You simply need to take the time to research it.