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Largest Bear

Some Interesting Facts About the Largest Bear on Earth

Have you ever wondered what was the largest bear on earth?  Well the answer to that question is the polar bear.  This bear can weigh anywhere from 900-1,500 pounds and it can be approximately eight and a half feet tall.  This is sure to cause anyone who runs into it alarm.

So where does the largest bear on Earth live?  These bears are often found in the Artic Circle where it is very cold.  It can actually be anywhere from minus 29 degrees to 32 degrees depending on if it is wintertime or summer time.  They do not seem to mind the cold weather as their fur is very dense and seems to keep them relatively warm.  If you have ever seen a polar bear I am sure that you think its fur is white.  However, this is not actually true.  Their fur is actually clear but when the sun and light hits it, it appears to be white.  Underneath this fur, the polar bear has black skin.  This is why the snot area on a polar bear looks black, because the fur is not very thick in this area and you can see their skin.  This black skin is also thought to play a large role in helping the bear stay warm as it helps to attract sunlight and heat.

The polar bears favorite food is the seal.  They are known to move thousands of miles in order to find this food and they will break through the ice in order to find the seal.  They are also known to eat a lot of their favorite food throughout the winter months.  This helps them be able to avoid eating in the summer months.  This is because it is more difficult for the polar bear to find the seals in the summer when the ice has not frozen over the oceans.  They will usually eat so many seals that half of their body mass because made up of fat.  This may also contribute to their ability to stay warm in such cold conditions.  Along with the long hours of walking that they do in order to catch a meal, the largest bear on Earth is also know to be able to swim for hours at a time without stopping.  It is interesting that they can move that much weight through the water for large amounts of time.

Something else that is interesting about these bears is that the males can weigh up to three times more than a female.  Each sex is also called something different.  Actually, the male polar bears are called boars and the females are usually called sows.  Polar bear cubs are generally called cubs just like other bear species.  Male and female polar bears do not usually get along unless it is time for them to mate.  Once the female is with child she will find a place to be alone.  She usually creates a den in a snow bank and that is where she remains until the baby cup is born.  The cub is not able to go out in the extremely cold temperature at first either because it is too small.  Therefore, the sow will not eat and remain with her cub.

As you can see, the largest bear in the world has a lot of amazing features.  However, keep in mind that other bears in the world are just as large and frightening.  Actually, the Kodiak bear in not far behind the polar bears size and is the second largest in the world.  They may be amazing but they certainly are not made to be a house pet.  Admire them from afar.  This is always the safest thing to do.

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