Dive into the Fascinating World of Pet Sharks

Owning pet sharks is undeniably mesmerizing but it’s an exotic endeavor that demands unique care. Unlike typical pets such as dogs, cats or goldfish, pet sharks present an entirely different challenge. It’s essential to have prior experience with large-sized saltwater fish, like Clown fish, to start this fascinating journey.

A Closer Look at Freshwater Pet Sharks

Small Leopard Shark
Cliff from Arlington, Virginia, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Generally speaking, freshwater sharks are smaller and considerably easier to care for. However, be aware that most aren’t true sharks. If that doesn’t concern you, they can be an excellent choice.

The Popular Choices

The Red Tail, a rather aggressive species that reaches approximately 5″ to 6″ in length, is a popular choice. Conversely, the Bala Shark is known for its rapid growth and harmonious coexistence with its tank mates. Its size can range anywhere from 7″ to 14″ long.

  • Tip: Keep a lid on your tank as the Bala is known for its jumping tendencies.

If you’re new to pet sharks, the Iridescent shark is a peaceful species that grows up to about a foot in length and could be an ideal choice.


Remember, it’s always best to research and visit breeders or pet shops to understand these fascinating species better. Make multiple visits and ask a lot of questions.

Understanding Saltwater Pet Sharks

A shark in an aquarium

On the other hand, saltwater pet sharks need ampler space. Certain species such as Grey, White tip, and Blacktop reef sharks can reach lengths of 6 feet. Despite their large size, reef sharks are usually not aggressive towards humans. Still, it’s essential to remain cautious with these pet sharks. The Nurse shark is another option that’s generally not hostile but demands a 1000-gallon aquarium due to its size.

Carefully consider the feeding habits and habitat requirements for every species. All sharks need clear, clean water, whether it’s freshwater or saltwater. Young sharks mostly eat live food, but some manage well with fish flakes initially. Note that they are not gluttonous and overfeeding can lead to a disposable diet and dirty water.

Shopping Tips:

  • Opt to pick your pet shark firsthand over purchasing online.
  • Consider Internet resources and local aquarium clubs for support once you’ve brought a shark home.

Know More about Pet Sharks

Apart from this, there are several other resources that can help you gain more knowledge about the fascinating world of pet sharks:

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