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Types Of Goldfish


A Quick Guide to Types of goldfish

Goldfish make great pets because there are many types of goldfish from which to choose, and all of them are easy-keepers. With goldfish you don’t need the financial layout of a huge aquarium; in fact, you can just keep one goldfish in a bowl of water if that’s what you want to do. They are freshwater fish so you don’t need warm water with heaters and ventilation systems, which also means they won’t expire if the electricity should accidentally go off.

The goldfish originated in China and was a variety of carp that monks bred in ponds until they arrived at what looks like the modern goldfish. You will not want to try to keep the largest goldfish in a bowl. That’s because they grow to be almost two feet in length and can weigh around nine pounds.

As for household goldfish, if you think a goldfish is a goldfish is a goldfish, you are completely wrong. There are all types of goldfish. And if you don’t think so, just head over to a local pet store to see what’s available. All goldfish, however, do fall into one of four different groups. The first is the singled-tailed goldfish. This is the one that people usually think of when you say the word, “goldfish.” 

Single-tailed goldfish come in every shade of gold and even variations of gold and white or cream. The most common goldfish and the one most often recognized as a goldfish is the Comet. It was named Comet because it has two fins that sit right above one another, giving it the look of a comet. Other examples of single-tailed goldfish are the Londons, Bristols, and Shubunkis.

There are double-tailed goldfish which come in many colors. Not only do you get orange and white combinations but you can have all white types of goldfish in this category as well. The most known are the Wakins and the Jikins. These fish are very slender when compared to other goldfish.

Now, the types of goldfish start to get more complicated. The third kind is the double-tailed goldfish with a dorsal fin. These goldfish have oval bodies with long, billowing fins. Some fish in this group include the Veintails, Fantails, Pearlscales, Telescopes, Pompoms, Moors, Demekins and Ryukins.

A good example to look at more closely is the Black Moor goldfish. They are black but when you look at their scales at a certain angle and light, you can see a gold shine there. The Black Moor is considered to be a fancy goldfish, which means it needs more care than other types. They cannot take any fluctuations in temperature and if you don’t keep their water extremely clean, they get Ich, a nasty, contagious fish disease.

The fourth and last category of goldfish is the double-tailed goldfish without a dorsal fin. They have many of the same characteristics as the double-tail goldfish with dorsal fin. Obviously, the lack of a dorsal fin is the difference. These types of goldfish include the Eggfish, Lionhead, Bubble Eye and Celestial.

The Bubble Eye goldfish is very unusual and needs more delicate care than most goldfish. Their eyes look like they have bubbles around them and they point upward. The bubbles are really little sacs of skin and these are filled with fluid. The Bubble Eye goldfish does not see well and will need to have an aquarium without a lot of obstacles in it. They can come in several colors, including black, gold, red and white, red, and calico.