4 Fascinating Types of Goldfish: A Comprehensive Guide

If you hold the belief that all goldfish look similar, then prepare to have your mind blown. Contrary to regular perception, these charming pets come in various shapes, sizes, and color shades. Spanning from the common Comet to the exotic Bubble Eye – the types of goldfish are as diverse as they come. More than just pets, they are symbols of luck and prosperity, and can become cherished members of your household. Let’s go on a fascinating exploration to uncover the many faces of these aquatic gems.

A Brief History of Goldfish

Single-Tailed Goldfish
Pauk, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The roots of the goldfish trace back to ancient China. Unbeknownst to many, these eye-catching creatures are a variety of carp – bred meticulously by monks in ponds. Originally starting as a silver or greyish hue, repeated breeding has led the carps to adopt the distinctive golden-orange hue, giving birth to what we today recognize as goldfish.

Peeping into the World of Different Types of Goldfish

The intriguing universe of goldfish types is divided into four major categories.

Single-Tailed Goldfish

The first kind that we encounter is the single-tailed goldfish. This is the breed people picturize when they hear ‘goldfish’. Notable examples include the well-known Comet, along with the Londons, Bristols, and Shubunkins. Their color varies from pure gold to a mix of gold and white or cream. Claiming the title of most common, the Comet is a delight to watch with its twin fins resembling a comet.

Double-Tailed Goldfish

Next up are the double-tailed goldfish. Diversifying the palette, these types of goldfish come in an array of colors, from the classic orange and white combo to pure white and more. The Wakins and Jikins stand out as quintessential representatives of this slender and graceful group.

Double-Tailed Goldfish With a Dorsal Fin

Then, we have the double-tailed goldfish with a dorsal fin. Housing many sub-varieties like Veintails, Fantails, Pearlscales, Telescopes, Pompoms, Moors, Demekins, and Ryukins, this group is characterized by their oval bodies and waving fins. Particularly worth mentioning is the Black Moor, a fancy goldfish known for its high-maintenance nature and striking black scales that radiate a golden shine under certain light conditions.

Double-Tailed Goldfish Without a Dorsal Fin

The last category comprises double-tailed goldfish sans a dorsal fin. The Eggfish, Lionhead, Bubble Eye, and Celestial all fall into this group. Especially unique is the Bubble Eye goldfish, an exotic breed known for its fluid-filled skin sacs surrounding its upward-pointing eyes and requiring a special obstacle-free environment.

Choose Your Goldfish Wisely

  • Consider the living conditions: Some goldfish are more delicate and require meticulous care and a special environment.
  • Choose a robustly-built goldfish if you are a beginner.
  • For a significant goldfish collection, consider including a variety of types for dynamic visual pleasure.

Further Reading on Goldfish

Whether you are an aquatic animal enthusiast, or simply planning to get a new pet, making an informed choice among the many types of goldfish can enrich your life and add a touch of glamour to your home.

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