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Rainbow Shark

All About the Rainbow Shark

One of the most common freshwater fish includes the rainbow shark. The scientific name of this fish is Epalzeorhynchos frenatum but it is often referred to as anything from whitetail sharkminnow and red-finned shark to green fringelip. This species is actually native to Thailand. Throughout this article we will examine all that you need to know in order to add this rainbow shark to your freshwater fish tank.

These sharks are generally black with a hint of green in terms of their bodies. Most of these sharks live approximately five years and are only about six inches in length. The fins and eyes can be anywhere from red to darker orange. As with most fish, the males are a bit brighter in color, while also containing lines that are black on their tailfin.

When placed in your freshwater tank, these sharks do an immaculate job of cleaning your aquarium. They generally consume the leftover food, but tend to be extremely territorial with other rainbow sharks. Therefore, it is recommended you do not have but one rainbow shark in the same tank. However, anyone with a relatively large aquarium with multiple decorations that allow for sufficient hiding places may be able to have multiple within the same tank with minimized fighting. The hiding places allow them to have their own spot to be protective of and as long as the others within the species stay away from that spot fighting may not occur. However, it is definitely not recommended to house more than one of these sharks in the same tank. Furthermore, they may be a bit aggressive toward other, smaller fish that are within your aquarium.

Due to the aggressive tendency described above, these sharks should be kept in tanks with fish that are similar in size. Furthermore, keep them away from other fish that tend to be temperamental. Loaches, pleacos, and gouramis are a few species that most of these sharks can live in harmony with without fighting. Anyone attempting to breed these sharks within their aquarium has a high likelihood for failure due to the territorial nature of these sharks. Therefore, it is recommended that you leave the breeding process to the experts.

In discussing rainbow shark care it is essential to know these facts when attempting to adequately provide for your fish. When it comes to diet, this shark eats your typical fish food. Anything from flakes to pellets is acceptable. However, if you are wishing to give them algae wafers for tanks with a lack of algae, they will definitely consume these as well. In terms of water, most of these sharks prefer water with a pH level ranging from 6.5 to 7.5. The ideal water temperature is anywhere from seventy-two to eighty degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure to keep the pH level and temperature within this range for best results. Obviously a filter is required for a continual supply of oxygen. Be sure to keep the filter clean and change it when necessary.

In conclusion, the rainbow shark is relatively easy in terms of care. These fish live in freshwater tanks and do a great job of keeping the algae within your tank to a minimum. They prefer tanks with a surplus of decorations that allow them to hide from others. However, these sharks are extremely territorial and should not be housed with others within their species or with significantly smaller fish. They generally eat the leftover food from fish feeding or algae wafers, making feeding extremely easy. Anyone wishing to add one of these sharks to their tank should be sure to keep the pH level and temperature within the ranges described above for successful survival.

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