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What Do Sharks Eat


What Do Sharks Eat?

This is an interesting question when you consider the fact that there are approximately 400 different shark species within the oceans.  What they eat will often vary depending on the type of shark and its size.  This article will explain what their diet consists of so that you will have a better understanding of how they survive.

What do sharks eat may not be as interesting as how often they eat.  Most sharks will only eat once every two or three days. This is because they need time to digest there food as they do not really chew when they eat, they do more swallowing than anything.  They can also be relatively lazy when they eat if you think about it.  This is because they will usually go for the animals and fish in the water that are sick or weak.  This takes less energy out of them and they are able to relax a little more while they are hunting for their dinner.

Information on what do sharks eat will often explain that most sharks will eat fish, squids and other crustaceans.  However, some sharks become very particular with their meals and they actually prefer certain foods over others.  For instance, hammerhead sharks really enjoy making a meal out of stingrays.  Dogfish sharks enjoy lobster and tiger sharks like to eat sea turtles.

While this is interesting information, it may surprise you to know that some sharks like the whale shark do not hunt for their food at all.  Rather, these sharks will filter plankton through their gills and enjoy feasting on this.  Some sharks are capable of filtering out 4.5 pounds of food each hour.

Some sharks will expend the extra energy that is required to eat sea lions, seals and dolphins.  This sounds sad to think about as many people enjoy watching these beautiful animals.  So, think about that when you ask, what do sharks eat because you may not really want to know the answer.

If you examine a shark closely, which I would not recommend, you may notice that different types have different kinds of teeth.  These teeth are related to the type of food that the particular species of shark actually eats.  For example, great white sharks have razor sharp teeth and some that are triangular in shape.  This is so that they can rip through fatty meat of larger prey.

It seems obvious that sharks eat just about anything they want to eat.  Because of their size they are able to make a meal out of just about anything without much of a fight.  It is interesting that they have adapted based on what they eat (with their teeth and gills for filtration).  They really are amazing creatures if you take the time to understand how they work. Regardless of how inhumane their feeding habits may appear to be, they are needed to regulate ocean life.  They do serve a purpose other than scaring people along the beaches.

If you are interested in learning more about sharks and what they eat you can always research sharks on your own and get a better idea about what they enjoy feasting on.  You can also visit area aquariums that have shark exhibits.  The employees there have a lot of knowledge about sharks and their diets.  They may be able to spend time with you and help you learn even more.  In your investigating you may also find out that sharks have a certain way that they hunt or attack their prey.  This may be interesting to know when you think about a sharking eating a sea lion or a seal.  It would be very neat to know how they make their attack.