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Ritteri Anemone

Facts about the Ritteri Anemone

If you have ever seen the movie Finding Nemo, then you have heard of a ritteri anemone. It is a Heteractis Magnifica and it resembles a plant. It lives in shallow waters in the Pacific Ocean and houses small fish. It can grow up to three feet wide and lives on fish and crustaceans.

Common clownfish, pink skunk clownfish and black finned anemone fish are just a few of the different types of fish associated with the ritteri anemone. These fish use the anemone as a host and it can act aggressively to any other types of fish that come on contact. Its colors are known to change to an array of different tones and it tentacles can retract or reach out depending on the mood of this unusual animal.

The ritteri anemone has tentacles that are long but not necessarily tapered at the ends like other types of these creatures. In fact, they can have buds or swelling on the tips of their tentacles. The tips can also be a milky white or yellow color.

Because these animals are so unusually unique many people try to raise them in their own aquariums. But because they are a fragile saltwater based animal they need special care to flourish and remain healthy. There are a few things to know about keeping this ritteri anemone in an aquarium setting.

This type of anemone does not react well to certain types of fish. To insure that the anemone is comfortable in its new surroundings, it is a great idea to add clownfish in the new fish tank setting.  The anemone also loves direct strong lighting. If it does not receive this lighting it will travel around the aquarium until it finds it. This can be problematic because its well being may be affected by its placement. For example, if it travels to a place to receive more light, it could become tangled or damaged by the filter system. Or its tentacles may become harmed. Make sure to place the anemone in the correct spot to avoid traveling.

If the anemone begins to move around and its lighting isn’t being affected, it could be a fluctuating water temperature. You will have to immediately check the heating system you have in place in the aquarium. Any sudden temperature change can be dangerous for salt water fish but it can kill an anemone.

For a ritteri anemone to grow and become strong it needs a bit of a current. When they are small a slight current from the water pump is fine. But as they grow a medium to strong current is needed so that the anemone can become strong. Working against the current insures that they anemone continues being healthy. When they find a comfortable spot they will eventually attach themselves to it.

These anemones need to be kept in a warm semi shallow tank that receives plenty of light. The water temperature should be kept between 75 to 78 degrees consistently. The temperature can be a bit higher, according to the fish you have in your aquarium. Be aware that any traveling anemones can damage themselves as well as other fish and plant life inside the aquarium, so always pay attention to any movement. Although the anemones survive on fish and crustaceans, they do not need to be fed on an annual basis. In fact, in some cases they will not need to be fed at all if the water conditions have the proper nutrients for them to survive. Also, over feeding can damage the stability of the tank and may harm other plant life and fish.