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Peacock Cichlids

A Brief Overview of Peacock Cichlids

Peacock cichlids are becoming a very popular fish.  Many people are making it a sport and hobby to keep these fish in their fish tanks. Currently there are about ten species of the peacock cichlids and there may be several more that simply have not been identified yet.  By taking a moment to read this article you are going to get an understanding of this fish and its characteristics.

The peacock cichlids are relatively small as they only grow to be approximately six inches long.  If you decide to keep them in your tank at home you are going to want to have a tank that is going to hold roughly 55 gallons of water.  These fish will like to have locations where they can hide and spend some time alone.  Therefore, you are going to want to have plenty of rocks and caves within the tank.  You can use leaves as well so that the peacock cichlids can hide behind them.  You also want to purchase a filter that is going to keep the water relatively still.  Make sure that you are changing the water frequently to help keep the fish healthy.

At times, when you have several fish in one tank, you may be concerned about the fish getting into fights and harming one another.  The good think about peacock cichlids is that they tend to get along with other fish.  It is true that they are going to set up there own boundaries and they are going to do what they can to protect that.  However, they do not become aggressive for no reason and harm the other fish.  One fish that you can place in the tank with them that would definitely be safe would be the catfish.

When feeding the peacock cichlids you are going to have several options.  You can place live worms in the tank for them to feed on. Or, you could also feed them pellets.  Either of these will work just fine for this type of fish.  If this fish is new to you and you are not sure what to feed it you can always research it online or talk to someone at the store where you purchased the fish.  What you need to remember is that these individuals know about the fish.  That is what they do for a living.  When you have resources like this, you should use them.

As previously mentioned, there are several different species related to the peacock cichlids.  The type of care that you give to each species is going to be generally the same for all types.  However, some of them are going to prefer live food while others will do just fine with dry.  Some of the peacock cichlids are going to need very frequent water changes while others will be fine with less water changes.  All of these little details should be worked out before you combined several different species of this fish.

Having a fish tank is very exciting and it can be very relaxing.  You can spend a lot of time and money on this hobby.  As long as you know what is going to make your fish happy, it should be a relatively stress free hobby.  One thing that you need to remember is that, even though the peacock cichlid is not aggressive, you want to be sure that you are not placing other fish in the tank that are aggressive.  Be sure to find out which type of fish you are putting together because you do not want any of them getting harmed.