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German Shepherd Collie

A Look At The German Shepherd Collie

The German Shepherd Collie is a mixed breed, or what some would call a hybrid or designer dog. Most dog fanciers agree that the German Shepherd is an extremely attractive breed, and most would also agree that the Collie is a beautiful dog. Therefore, it stands to reason that a German Shepherd Collie can be expected to be dog that is attractive or beautiful, or somewhere in between.

It’s A Shepherd, No, It’s A Collie – A photo of a German Shepherd Collie may reveal a dog that looks very much like a German Shepherd except for a much longer coat. In some cases the muzzle, while still resembling that of the Shepherd, is a bit narrower, as one expects in a collie. Another photo will show a dog that looks very much like your average Collie except its head is many ways resembles that of the Shepherd. Yet another photo may show a dog that doesn’t really resemble either breed, except perhaps in size. A German Shepherd Collie that doesn’t fairly closely resemble one or the other of its parents is somewhat uncommon however. Most German Shepherd Collies have faces that most closely resemble that of the German Shepherd.

Characteristics – As far as temperament is concerned, the German Shepherd Collie is a good family dog when it is a medium-sized dog that is desired. This hybrid often combines the intelligence and ease in training characteristic of the German Shepherd with the herding instinct and sometimes playful habits of the Collie. The hybrid tends to have a gentle disposition, but must be trained at an early age, as the Collie characteristics sometimes result in a dog that will nip, not out of viciousness, but because of its herding instincts. This characteristic can easily be trained out of the dog while it is still young.

While not aggressive, the German Shepherd Collie is a good watchdog, and does exhibit protective behavior and is therefore a good dog to have when there are small children in the family. German Shepherds in particular are very good with children. Collies are also protective, but to ensure they will be good around children, especially smaller ones, they need to be trained not to nip.

In needs to be taken into account however that the behavior of any dog, whether it is a pure bred or a hybrid can not always be predicted precisely. If a breed is known to be gentle, the great majority of dogs of that breed will be, but there’s always the exception.  Also a dog’s behavior is often determined by its owners, and the way it is brought up. The German Shepherd Collie is no different from other breeds in this respect.

It’s The Temperament – Whether or not to buy a mixed breed dog is a question that is not always easy to answer. The answer “it depends upon the dog” is not very helpful. One piece of advice is don’t buy a mixed breed or hybrid because it’s the fashionable thing to do, or because you want a dog that’s more “exotic” that your neighbor’s dog. The number one priority when purchasing a hybrid or designer dog must be its temperament, and you have to know a bit about the mix or know someone who has one of the dogs to understand what you may be getting into.

Chow Or Collie – Many people dislike or distrust the Chow, the reason being it is often a one person dog, a dog that does not like to be touched, and a dog that is generally unfriendly towards other dogs. A German Shepherd Chow mix sounds downright scary, especially to those who are somewhat afraid of Shepherds. Yet the mix often produces a dog that is temperamentally quite gentle and a good pet, apparently getting most of its genes from the Shepherd side of the family. A German Shepherd Collie however is certainly a far better choice.

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