The Adorable Applehead Chihuahua: Discover the Cutest Pocket-Sized Canine Companion

The Adorable Applehead Chihuahua: Discover the Cutest Pocket-Sized Canine Companion

Cute chihuahua puppy in the garden

From television adverts to film features, this tiny dog embraces an adorable face that’s hard to miss. Meet the Applehead Chihuahua – the embodiment of sass and personality in a pocket-sized package.

Applehead and Deerhead Chihuahuas: What’s the Difference?

Applehead chihuahua with furparent at the vet

Know your Chihuahuas. Pocket-sized as they both might be, there’s a subtle yet defining factor – the shape of their head.

Applehead Chihuahuas have a round, apple-like head with short pointed muzzles and large, round but not protruding eyes. This adorable bundle is precisely the preferred breed for dog shows, per the American Kennel Club’s standards. Their exclusivity extends to weight rather than height, tipping the scales under 6 pounds. That, dear reader, is your brand standard Applehead Chihuahua.

Deerhead Chihuahuas carry a different look. Instead of the apple-like domed head, these chihuahuas sport a head shape akin to deer, with a longer nose.

But surely, a Chihuahua is a Chihuahua, you might say. And you’d be right. The distinction between an applehead and a deerhead rests solely upon their appearance, nothing less, nothing more. Both types exude the same bark-filled liveliness, spunky intelligence, and warm affection that make them excellent companions.

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Applehead Chihuahuas, Deerhead Chihuahuas, and Their Health

There are certain health issues common to both applehead and deerhead Chihuahuas. It reads like this:

– A condition known as “luxating patellas” is a common affliction. In understandable terms, it boils down to kneecaps that can slip off their groove.

– Beware of low blood sugar. It’s a potential danger, albeit easily treated.

– Heart conditions – mitral valve disease and pulmonic stenosis to name a few – can pose serious health challenges.

In the end, an Applehead Chihuahua, or a deerhead for that matter, holds the same loveable charisma that could conjur smiles from even the sternest of hearts. The shape of the head is the least of concerns unless the ‘show dog’ route is the one you’ve chosen. In any other case, the delightful heart beneath the apple-shaped or deer-like exterior is what truly counts.

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