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Applehead Chihuahua

Deerhead versus Applehead Chihuahua

This saucy little dog is easily recognizable, not only because of exposure on television commercials and movies but also because of its small physique and unique little applehead.  Chihuahua fans know that there is another look to some of the diminutive dogs, though, called deer head Chihuahuas.

History of the Chihuahua

The history of the Chihuahua is somewhat unclear.  It is known that the dog originated from the country of Mexico in the state for which it is named, Chihuahua because of early evidence of their presence.  How the breed was derived is more of a mystery.  Experts believe that the dog’s roots are from the Fennec fox; a tiny creature that possessed the same large, round eyes and big, upright ears that the Chihuahua is well known to have.  Today’s breed of dog is classified in the toy dog category because of that same small stature; typical pure blood dogs weight under 6 pounds.  This breed has been recognized through the American Kennel Club since 1904.  Breed standards distinguish certain qualities and characteristics of the dog as being the most desirable for show.  The size of the Chihuahua is measured in weight rather than height as most other breeds are classified, and any dog over 6 pounds is disqualified as show quality.  Their ears must be erect, the muzzle short and slightly pointed and the eyes should be large and round without protruding.  The head of the Chihuahua must be round in shape; termed as “applehead”.  Chihuahua coats can vary, however, in both color and length.   Any color variation is acceptable for show for either smooth coats or long coats.

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The “deerhead” Chihuahua

Another variation of this breed is the dog whose head resembles that of a deer rather than an apple.  Instead of the AKC standard dome shaped head, the deerhead Chihuahua’s skull is sloped rather than round.  There is also a difference in the shape of the muzzle, with the deerhead’s nose being longer than that of the applehead.

Deerhead versus applehead

The designation of deerhead or applehead applies only to the way a Chihuahua looks.  Neither type is any less a Chihuahua than the other, except in the strict guidelines of the AKC.  To meet with breed standards for show quality, a Chihuahua must have the classic apple shaped head.  Otherwise, either type of this breed will display the same characteristics of being intelligent, lively and quick.  Both types make excellent pets and companion dogs.  They can be very strong willed, which can be a trial during training the dog, but when this stubbornness is overcome, many tricks and commands can be taught.

Health issues of the Chihuahua

Although they are actually quite healthy dogs, both types of this breed are prone to experiencing some specific health problems.  A common issue facing the Chihuahua is a condition called “luxating patellas”.  In layman terms, it quite simply means kneecaps that slip out of place.  Generally occurring on the rear legs, this condition can cause pain and stiffness that will affect the gait of your dog, and may require surgery if it becomes severe.  Low blood sugar is another danger that the small dog faces, but is easily remedied through treatment.  The most serious health problem that this breed is susceptible for acquiring is with their heart.  Several heart conditions, with the most common being mitral valve disease and pulmonic stenosis, can afflict both the deerhead and applehead Chihuahua; requiring surgery to correct the issues.

Those who are fans of the Chihuahua breed will find either type of the dog equally as engaging as pets.  The shape of the head only becomes a concern if the owner has the desire to raise a show dog.  Applehead or deerhead, it will be the warm and loving heart of this dog that will delight its owner.