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Termite Swarm


What You Will Need To Know About A Termite Swarm

Much of the United States can be affected by a termite swarm. If you are a homeowner and have invested money into that home, you should make sure that it is not infested with termites. Termites are tiny white insects that do their part for ecology. They eat and redistribute old foliage and dead trees and are important to our survival. But on the other hand when there is a termite swarm, they can do great damage to homes, trees and foliage.

Termites are social insects and are similar to bees or ants. They live in colonies and are highly organized when it comes to getting food. The colonies can contain as many as a few million termites and they all work together as soldiers and workers. There are a few queen termites to every colony that lay eggs and produce other termites. Some of these insects are also dedicated to the queens and reproducing. This gives every member of the colony, a specific task to complete everyday.

This is the main reason termites do so much damage in so little time. They are organized, efficient and dedicated. But most importantly, they have the ability to communicate and over come or swarm an entire area. These swarm type insects are also intelligent and can do more damage by far then just one or even a few other insects, in a short period of time.

When it comes to termite infestation there are clear signs that termites may be invading your home. Termites are so small that they are barely seen. They attack within the structure of a home and by the time you see any damage, you must act immediately. Termite damage can look a bit like sun damage to the outer wooden surfaces of your home. But there is a clear difference. The wood will be heavily splintered, weakened and crinkled. Termites can also live in the surrounding trees in your area. Trees that are infected with termites have streaks and obvious damage and there also may be a termite nest close by. But the best way to protect yourself form termite swarm damage is to know when the swarm will hit your area.

Every year between January and July, termites swarm different areas of the country. They start in Florida and work there way up. During these first few months termites are active. But between the months of March to mid June these insects come out in severe swarms. All states are affected to an extent but the farthest northern states like north and South Dakota and Wisconsin do not have any severe swarming. These swarms can be determined by hot weather and rainfall in each individual area.

A termite swarm period is not the only time you have to worry about termites. They can infest a home and remain unnoticed, doing damage. Once they are established in a home they will continue to do damage for years to come. It may be a good idea to protect your self from all termite damage.

If you suspect that you may have termites, you can call a professional exterminator to look at the problem. He will have suggestions and different procedures to treat the problem and also offer added protection for your home. In some cases wood will have to be removed and replaced because it is too weakened by the termites.

If you are planning on building a new house you can take steps to control termites before they start. You can place metal sheeting at the base of the foundation where the wood and metal structure meets. This stops the termites form chewing on the wood. You can also have an insect professional spray the outside of the home and make sure it is protected year round.

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