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Hamster Breeds


Simple Information on Hamster Breeds

If you are considering getting a hamster for your home you should explore all of the different hamster breeds that actually do exist.  It is important to research each type of hamster so that you can make an informed decision when you decide to select a hamster.  There are actually five main hamster breeds that are most frequently purchased as pets.  This article is going to explore the breeds that make good pets for families and children.

The Syrian hamster is first on the list.  These are the ones that are the most common as household pets.  When they reach full maturity, the females will generally end up being older than the male.  You will also want to keep them separate from other adult hamsters because they are very territorial and they will fight with others if they share a cage.  They do not mind being handled when compared with other hamster breeds and they seem to be very aware of what is going on around them.  They have been called golden hamsters by people in the past.  However, in reality there are more than 40 different color patterns that you can find this hamster in.

The Russian Campbell is a type of dwarf hamster and this is the most common dwarf hamster that many people have.  They have very small tails and their feet are furry.  That is how most people are able to distinguish them from others.  They get along well in cages together.  You will find that if the female has a litter, the male and female will both take care of the babies.  If you feel comfortable handling these small animals they will let you hold them without a fight.

The Chinese hamster has a long body that is very thin.  They are often thought to resemble a rat because of the way that they look.  The tail may also give impression as well because it is very long like a rat as well.  The female in this breed of hamsters is actually much more aggressive than the male.  The male and female can be together as long as they are mating but they should be placed into separate cages after that so that they do not fight and hurt each other.

Hamster breeds have a new kind of hamster and that is the roborovskii hamster.  They are the smallest of all the hamsters that may be brought into a home as a pet.  The colors of this type are very basic as it is tan and white.  They also have eyebrows and whiskers that kind of make it look like a rabbit.  These hamsters do not bite but you may be scratched if you are not handling it properly and it is moving around.  If you handle this hamster regularly you will help make it more comfortable and it will move less while you are holding it.  If the hamster does get away from you, you will most likely have a hard time catching it because they are very fast.  It may be a good idea to remain in an open room while handling it just in case it does get away from you.

As you can see, there are several hamster breeds to select from if you are considering a hamster as a pet in your home.  You can always read up on each type in more detail.  Find out which kind of hamster is available in your area.  Then research what type of care they need so that you can determine if you are able to care for it.  If the hamster is going to be a family pet, talk to everyone to see what they would like to have.  If everyone is happy, they will help make your new pet happy as well.