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Guinea Pig Carrier

Things To Look For In A Guinea Pig Carrier

Choosing the right guinea pig carrier is crucial to ensure the health, safety and happiness of your pet during transport.  Although these gentle, adorable creatures are fairly hardy, they do have a few specifications that they need followed whether you are going for a quick trip to the veterinarian or moving across the country by car.

A proper guinea pig carrier will offer a generous supply of ventilation.  A small box is never acceptable for any length of move.  They should be in a large container; preferably two feet long and you should be able to easily see into the carrier to check on him.  You always want to provide them with a hide box to cope with stress as well.

Things To Include

You should always line your guinea pig carrier with newspaper.  It is cheap and makes for easy cleanup.  Temperature is a huge concern when moving one of these pets.  They really need to remain warm at all times and they are very sensitive to drafts.

Ideally, their environment should remain at a temperature between 75 and 89 degrees.  In air conditioned cars or planes, make the carrier warmer by placing a towel or small, child’s fleece blanket in it.  If the temperature is going to be too hot, wrap an ice pack in a towel and place that in the carrier to cool the space and the animal down.  Always make sure that the ice is wrapped!  It is a good idea to hang a thermometer where you can see it in the carrier.

Since guinea pigs are very sensitive to anything cold, a water dish should never be placed directly in their container where it could spill, resulting in the animal being cold and wet.  Always use a water bottle or stop and give them a drink every two hours at least.  Guinea pigs should be provided with snacks and vitamin C supplements on a long trip.

Recommended Carriers

  1. Petmate Pet Taxi – These come in a variety of colors and sizes including pink and blue.  The medium-sized ones are ideal, being 23 inches long, 15 inches wide and almost 12 inches tall. They are equipped with a quick-latching system, shoulder strap eyelets and a seat belt slot.  This guinea pig carrier provides plenty of ventilation and viewable windows and is made from sturdy, hard plastic so clean up is easy.
  1. Come Along Carrier – These carriers by Pets International are specifically designed for guinea pigs, ferrets, hamsters, gerbils, rabbits and rats.  They feature a handy storage spot to keep treats, easy carry handle and fresh air vents.  The dimensions are 14.25 x 14 x 1.5 and it weighs only 3 pounds.  The double zipper design makes it easier to get your pet in and out.
  1. Marshall Small Tote – These carriers are really only ideal for short trips, the animal will not be comfortable in this bag in on a long trip.  The product features a removable bottom to make clean up easy, suede-like tan fabric for style, three vented areas that are also zippered for easy access and a large viewing window.
  1. Deluxe Sherpa Bed Carrier – This carrier is exclusive to Petsmart and one of the top recommended bags for many good reasons.  It is airline approved and meets on-board requirements.  This guinea pig carrier is designed to keep your pet comfortable on a long trip.  It fits very comfortable underneath an airplane seat and has a double zipper for both side and top entry.  It is equipped with accessory pouches, adjustable handles, photo ID tag, a washable and removable lambskin liner.  The easy-to-clean fabric repels stains and will continue to look great for years.  It features mesh panels on three of the sides for visibility and ventilation and the bag folds up to be put away for easy storage.

Helpful Travel Tips

Before you being any trip with your guinea pig, you should identify 24-hour emergency animal clinics along the way.  Always have a copy of the animal’s medical records with you as well.  If you are crossing state lines, you may be required to have a health certificate that has been issued within the past 10 days.  It is never recommended to travel with a pet that is sick!

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