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Types Of Guinea Pigs


Information on the Different Types of Guinea Pigs

There are numerous types of guinea pigs for you to choose from if you are considering owning one of these little animals.  As of right now, there are thirteen different types that are actually recognized.  Along with the different types that are available, there are also a lot of different colors and hair types.  You can actually get a guinea pig that looks like it has satin hair!

The Abyssinian guinea pig has hair that looks like it has little cow licks.  If you are showing your pig in a competition, the more cow licks it has the better.  These pigs often look like they are having a bad hair day but this is normal and it adds to their character.  They are actually very self sufficient and they do a good job taking care of themselves.  These types of guinea pigs are usually best if you are a first time owner or you have small children.  They can learn to come, get in and out of their cages alone (if the door is open) and you can even train it to sit.

The most common types of guinea pigs that you will find are the American breed.  They have short, glossy hair that does not require much care at all.  They do very well when they are being handled and they can also co-exist with other pigs without a problem.  The coronet guinea pig has long hair and it has one cow lick on top of its head.  Because it has long hair you would need to keep it cut or brushed on a regular basis.  Even though this guinea pig is very playful and would make a wonderful pet, if you do not have time to care for its grooming needs, you may want to explore other types of guinea pigs.

The types of guinea pigs even carry over into dog like names with lion like features.  An example of this is the sheltie guinea pig.  It also has long hair but the hair doe not grow down over its eyes.  Rather, the hair grows down the side of its face much like a mane that you would find on a lion.  Because of the amount of maintenance that these pigs require, it is not recommended that you own one as a pet unless you were going to show it.  The texel pig is another type that is very difficult to keep groomed.  It has hair that forms ringlets and this is what makes it hard to brush and care for. The teddy pig has a wiry coat that can either be soft or rough to touch.  Even though they are easy to care for you will still need to keep its hair brushed often and get out any debris that is stuck in it.  This will help keep your guinea pigs skin from becoming sore and irritated.

There are several different types of guinea pigs that have not been mentioned in this article.  If you are seriously considering owning one of these as a pet you will want to spend time researching them.  You are going to want to know that you are adopting a pet that you can care for.  If you do not have a lot of time you are not going to want one that is going to need a lot of grooming.  It is also important to know what types of foods and living conditions you are going to need to provide for each type.  Making a home for a guinea pig should be just as important as making a home for a dog or a cat.  You should consider everything for a guinea pig that you would consider for any other type of pet.

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