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Guinea Pig Facts


Fun Guinea Pig Facts

There are some Guinea pig facts that are not well known. This is a shame, because Guinea pigs make great pets and companions for those who cannot have a cat or dog.  Guinea pigs are clean, social and rather easy to care for.

Here are some fun, interesting and useful Guinea pig facts.

They Need to Gnaw

If you have ever shopped for a guinea pig, you have probably noticed that there are many treats and toys that require gnawing. This is not just because the guinea pig enjoys the activity. The fact is that guinea pigs MUST gnaw in order to wear down their teeth. If they don’t, the teeth will grow so long that the guinea pig will be unable to eat.

They Have No Tails

On a list of guinea pig facts, this one falls into the “kind of true” category.  While guinea pigs do not have visible tails, they do have tail vertebrae leading to the belief that, at one time, these furry creatures did sport tails.

Guinea Pigs Make Great Pets In fact, they are a great “starter” pet for children.  Unlike some other small pets, such as mice, they do not scratch.  Also, guinea pigs are easy to train. While they love their “out of cage” time, they are perfectly content to spend a majority of their time in the habitat. This makes them a great choice for people who live in an apartment or who are away for several hours every day.

Guinea Pigs are Born With Their Eyes Open

They can also start scooting around the room within a few hours of their birth!

Easy to Feed

Guinea pigs are very easy to feed, because they enjoy a vegetarian diet. Give them a little hay and some veggies, and they’ll be fat and happy. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that guinea pigs do require a source of vitamin C in order to maintain optimal health.

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Guinea Pigs Live Between Four and Five Years

Of course, that is an average. One guinea pig is listed in the Guiness Book of World Records as the “oldest guinea pig”. He lived to the ripe old age of fifteen.

They Love to Hide

Because most pet guinea pigs spend most of their time in their cages or enclosures, it is important that those places be comfortable for the pet. Guinea pigs love to hide, so there should be some boxes and other items in which the guinea pig can get a little privacy.

Guinea Pigs are Quite Social

This is among the most important of guinea pig facts for those keeping the animal as a pet. While they are content in their cages, they also enjoy love and affection from their owners. Most will sit happily in your arms while you watch television and will enjoy interacting with you while you let them out of their enclosures for some supervised floor time.

Guinea pigs make wonderful pets and can provide many years of enjoyment and companionship to their owners.

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