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Guinea Pig Breeds


Basic Facts Related to Guinea Pig Breeds

There are many guinea pig breeds to pick from if you are interested in owning one of these furry animals as a pet.  It is always best to research the different breeds before you purchase one of your own.  You are going to want to fully understand what type of care is required for each breed.  This is going to help you make a better decision about which breed you are able to care for.

The American guinea pig is the breed of the guinea pigs that is most often seen in the United States. It has short, smooth hair that will lie on its body without any difficulties.  The Satin American falls into this category as well and it has fur that looks like satin.  It is very sleek and shiny.

The Abyssinian guinea pig breeds have hair that will swirl up like rosettes and make it look like its hair is standing up.  Because of their hair, they often look like they need to be brushed and groomed properly.  The Peruvian has very long hair that will grow straight and often be white and black or tan and black.  Their hair can become tangled and knotted if it is not taken care of properly.  It is important to think of these things if you decide to purchase one of these breeds as a pet because you are going to need to spend time grooming it and keeping its hair neat.  You may not want to have this type as a pet if you can not commit the time it takes to keep it neat and clean.

Guinea pig breeds that are called Silkies may also be called the sheltie as well. They have very long hair just like the breed that is just discussed but their hair does not part down the middle of the back.  Rather, it grows down the back from the head.  Again, you need to be able to commit to taking the time to brush these breeds often and make sure that they do not have bedding and food stuck in their hair.  This can rub the skin and irritate them, leaving sores that will need to be cared for later.

The teddy guinea pig breeds got their name because they have fur that looks like a teddy bear.  The fur is short and dense and it appears to stand up and look fuzzy like a teddy bear that you may have had as a child.  This type of guinea pig is relatively easy to take care of and will not need a lot of brushing or grooming maintenance.  This may be a good breed to have as a pet if you are on the go a lot or you want something for your children to get use to taking care of. He or she is going to learn the basics of caring for an animal but they are not going to need to worry about keeping it brushed all of the time.

Guinea pig breeds vary and so does the care that they need.  You want to make sure that you understand exactly what you are getting into before you purchase a pet like this.  Be sure that it is a breed that you are going to have the time to care for.  You are only going to become overwhelmed and make your new pet unhappy if you can not care for him or her properly.  You should always bring a pet into your home with the expectation that you can care for it properly.  If you cannot guarantee that, you should not have the animal.

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