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Teacup Pigs


A Beginner’s Guide to Teacup Pigs

If you are looking for a new and unique pet for your family, teacup pigs may be the answer. These pigs are every bit as smart as a dog and twice as cute. They are known for their tiny stature and they are even smaller than a pot bellied pig. Pot bellied pigs can reach up to 200 pounds. When they are fully grown the teacup pigs only weigh 30 to 40 pounds and they get as big as a terrier type dog. But as babies, they can actually fit in a tea cup.

Pigs on a farm or even pot bellied pigs like to roll around in mud and filth. This is not very healthy for the family.  Teacup pigs can be raised and kept in the house. They are capable of either being house trained or they can also be liter trained. If you would like to train the teacup pigs to do tricks like rolling over or sitting, you can. They are just as intelligent as any other household pet.

Just like any other pet, teacup pigs have specific instructions for feeding and training. Pigs have a tendency to want to just lie down and relax. This can cause them to gain an excess amount of weight and that is unhealthy for the animal. It is important to play with the piglet and keep it motivated. From the time you get you’re your baby piglet, it must have plenty of toys and games around it.

It is also important to get your piglet on a schedule. This can keep the pet active and with a feeding schedule, it may be easier to keep its weight under control. Teacup pigs can be leash trained and taken for daily walks.  Even though they do have a tendency to be lazy, these piglets love to play and be active. But you must interact with them to keep them moving on a daily basis. When it is time to go to sleep, you should have a quiet area reserved just for the piglet. It should have a bedding area with blankets and toys.

Pigs can have a dominating attitude if allowed to. Just like a puppy, a piglet can become too playful and may display aggressive behavior. At this point you must firmly make boundaries that the piglet cannot cross. Rules and discipline have to be put into place. You do not have to physically punish the piglet. You can be firm, in a loving way and the animal will respond.

When the pig reaches adolescence, it will display sexual behavior. But if the pig is a household pet it should be spayed or neutered. If you choose not to do this, every 21 days the pig will become aggressive and unruly. It is better to do this as soon as possible because the habits pigs pick up on during this time in their lives stick and could become a lifetime habit.

Because these pigs like to eat, if you allow them to they will gain too much weight. Avoid spoiling your teacup pigs. They need fresh vegetables everyday. Fruit can be fed to your piglet but the amount of sugar in their diet has to be regulated. They can have certain snacks like pop corn, cereals and crackers if there isn’t too much sugar or fat in the food product.  If your pig starts to gain an unreasonable amount of weight you must cut down their food intake and incorporate exercise into their every day routine.

Before you get your first teacup piglet, do a search for a veterinarian in your area that has treated these mini pigs. So no matter what problem arises you can be prepared.

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