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Redbone Hound

Redbone Hound

The Specifics of the Redbone Hound

The redbone hound is a type of hunting dog that has been used by hunters who are in search of raccoons, bears, and even cougars.  They are specifically good in swamplands and mountain regions.

Even though this dog has been used for hunting purposes it can be enjoyed as a family pet if you know what to expect and how to care for it in this type of atmosphere.

The redbone hound is very loving and enjoys being near people and its owners.  They want to be involved in family events and can often feel sad and lonely when they are left out.  While these can be positives you must also think of the negatives related to this as well. 

Redbone Hound looking at the camera

Your dog may become very excited to see you and other family members.  Because of their size they may hurt older adults and small children when they jump up. 

That is why if you are going to have a dog like this in your home you will want it to be trained and go through some type of obedience training.  This may also need to be done in order to keep the dog from barking all of the time. 

You should remember that being really harsh with your dog during training is not the best method with this breed of dog.  They will often get their feelings hurt very easily and they will not respond like you want them to.

Something that you should also think about with this dog is that they will not mature until they are approximately two years old.  Because of this they are going to be very playful and hyper.  You will need to make sure that the redbone hound is getting a lot of exercise and playtime in order to burn off some of this energy. 

As a responsible owner, you are going to want to do this in order to help keep your dog from biting on furniture and chewing things that it should not chew.  The dog is very even tempered and is very good with children. 

They will learn to adjust very well to being inside if they are raised inside from the time they are puppies.  They are much faster than other coonhounds and they can work outside in all different types of weather.  Because of this, many farmers actually like this dog. 

Redbone Hound swimming

Make sure that if you are going to own one of these dogs it may not be a good idea if you have a cat.  If the puppy is raised with a kitten it may be ok but the redbone hound has been known to hunt cats just like they do raccoons. 

You do not want one family pet to harm another so you should not consider this dog if you have a cat.  Also remember that these dogs do have a tendency to drool a lot so if you are very neat you may not want to have this dog in your home.

Also, this dog will adjust to any type of home such as an apartment as long as he or she is given proper exercise.  Because your redbone hound was actually bred to hunt he or she is going to pick up on certain scents when they are outside in the environment. 

It is in his or her nature to track and explore the surrounding areas.  Because of this, if you are going to own one of these dogs you will need to have a very large fence, approximately seven feet high, to keep your dog from running off to track something they smell. 

It is not fair to punish your dog for doing what they are born to do.  Rather than creating stress, simply find a way to keep your dog at home.  You and your dog will both be very happy if you fully understand each other.

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