Unleashing the Beauty of the Majestic Tree Hound: A Guide to this Extraordinary Canine Companion

For the uninitiated, hunting season might conjure images of arrows whizzing across the sky and guns echoing through the wilderness. However, seasoned hunters know there’s another integral part of this tradition: the keen senses and unwavering dedication of the hunting dogs. Among these remarkable pooches, the Majestic Tree Hound occupies a place of honor.

Discover the Origin of the Majestic Tree Hound

Close up shot majestic tree hound dog

An impeccable fusion of the Coonhound’s perseverance and the Bloodhound’s potent sniffing power, the Majestic Tree Hound beautifully encapsulates the most desired attributes from each lineage. Despite being a fairly recent addition to the recognized breeds’ family, it’s sure to pique the curiosity of both hunting and hound aficionados with its noble lineage and impressive profile.

A Closer Peek at Their Adorable Physique

Exquisite Size and Strength

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Standing on the hefty side of the spectrum, adult males of this breed generally nudge the scales around 110 pounds. However, don’t mistake this for sloppy weight; it’s pure muscle power. Majestic Tree Hounds are clad in wonderfully short coats, draping over their slightly saggy skin. You will find these coats in a plethora of colors – from the pure white to the intense black and tan.

Distinct Facial Features

Majestic tree hound dog

The eyes, sunken and seemingly melancholic, are a noticeable trait. Ironically, these dogs are far from gloomy, radiating an infectious happiness instead. The ears, long, delicate, and thin, hang like a curtain of silk, adding to their unique charm.

Bragging Rights on the Hunt

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When it comes to hunting, these canines are simply par excellence. They’re best suited for hunting large game like bear, mountain lion, or bobcat. Moreover, their remarkable scent recognition easily outperforms most other breeds, making them the star on any hunting trip.

Majestic Tree Hound: An Affectionate Pet

Majestic tree hound in the ground

Apart from its eminent hunting capabilities, the Majestic Tree Hound steals hearts as a household pet. Their intelligence, blended with an endearing nature, makes them an ideal companion for any age.

  • Training: Although their intellect might make you think training is a piece of cake, it’s not always the case. Their stubborn temperament, albeit valuable for hunting, can sometimes hinder training sessions. But with patience and consistency, you’ll succeed.
  • Living Space: Due to their substantial size, these dogs aren’t the best fit for apartments or confined indoor spaces. They need the freedom to play and run outdoors.

Finding A Reputable Breeder

When purchasing a Majestic Tree Hound, ensure to check their registration papers and the breeder’s reputation. Although they are usually healthy dogs, their long ears can occasionally usher in yeast infections.

In conclusion, don’t let the Majestic Tree Hound’s absence from the AKC roster deter you. This versatile hound makes an excellent companion on hunts and an endearing pet, sure to enrich your life with its loyal and affectionate personality.

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