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Apricot Maltipoo

Is An Apricot Maltipoo The Dog For You?

If you’re looking for a friendly, fluffy, and very attractive little companion, an Apricot Maltipoo may be just the dog for you. An Apricot Maltipoo isn’t by any means a rarity, though the Maltipoo is still a fairly new cross-breed, and you may have to do some looking. The three colors most often seen in this mix are apricot, white, and black.

If you haven’t guessed already, the Maltipoo is a cross between a Maltese and a Poodle, usually a Toy Poodle. The Maltese is a very small dog, so the combination of Maltese and Toy Poodle is going to result in another small dog, one that exhibits the best characteristics of both breeds.

The Maltipoo goes by several different names, including Maltipoodle, which seems to be a bit more self-explanatory, but Maltipoo is the designation most have taken a liking to. An Apricot Maltipoo sounds downright exotic, but it is simply a Maltipoo featuring one of the three more common colors.

Nothing Wrong With A Mutt – You can call a Maltipoo a designer dog, a cross breed, or a mutt. The designer dog designation is probably going to cost the most, since there will normally be registry or breeder’s papers. A cross breed doesn’t sound quite so high end, and would be priced accordingly. As far as calling the dog a mutt is concerned, that would be a disservice to the dog, which likely might be coming from a shelter, and would probably have no papers, but would be every bit as cute, lovable, and healthy as any designer dog. In other words, unless your heart is set on a show dog, it may pay to look around, not only to different breeders, but to the shelters as well. The one problem with a pet shelter is it can be hard not to bring a dog home, even if it wasn’t the one you were originally looking for.

An Excellent Therapy Animal – Just as cats are often good as therapy animals and are routinely taken to nursing homes and the like to provide companionship to the residents, the Maltipoo an excellent choice in performing the same function. It may be a little more wiggly in one’s lap than a cat, as the Maltipoo is an energetic little dog, but it may just as easily snuggle down as well. Amazingly, it tends to gravitate to those most in need of its companionship and attention, a characteristic that many have noted, with some degree of amazement.

Takes After The Parents – The Maltipoo gets its energetic, and at times feisty but always friendly temperament from the Maltese side of the family, and its quick learning and easily trainable characteristics from the Poodle side. These little dogs get along well with other dogs, and for that matter with other house pets.

Cross-breeds are often healthier dogs than their pure breed ancestors, and the Maltipoo is no exception. The Maltese breed for that matter is one of the healthiest dog breeds and the Toy Poodle is a healthy breed as well. The Maltipoo has a rather long life span, typically 11 to 15 years. Neither the Poodle or the Maltese shed significantly, and the Maltipoo shares this trait. It is a hypo allergenic little dog. Similar to the Maltese, but unlike the Poodle, the Maltipoo does not make a very good watchdog. Perhaps it just enjoys life too much, and it seems to trust everyone, both man and beast.

A Maltipoo can be quite happy living in a mansion of course, but is an ideal dog for the small  apartment dweller. It does like a daily walk, but can get much of the exercise it needs indoors, and is strictly an indoor dog.

While there is nothing all that exotic about an Apricot Maltipoo, if one looks at a number of photos of these little dogs, they are all cute as a button, but the apricot colored ones seem to stand out just a bit more than do those who are white or black.

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