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Dutch Hound

The Truth About the Dutch Hound

Many people go in search of the dog often referred to as the Dutch hound. However, it is essential to note that such a dog does not exist. What most often refer to as the Dutch hound is likely to be one of two different dogs: Dutch Shepherd Hound or Dachshund. Both of which make great family pets, but aside from that are not a whole lot alike. Therefore, throughout this article we will examine both of these breeds since the Dutch hound is not an actual recognized dog type.

The Dutch Shepherd Hound was originally used for herding, and therefore falls into the herding group. Originating in the Netherlands, this breed was created by breeding Belgian Malinois and sheepdogs. These dogs typically weigh somewhere around sixty-five pounds when fully grown. In terms of height, it can get all tall as about two feet. This breed varies in color but is typically a bluish gray color, black, white, gold, brown, or silver. The coat of the Dutch Shepherd Hound can range from short to long; however, the most common is the coat that is relatively short in length.

The temperament of this breed is a great addition to any family. Being not only playful, this breed tends to be very affectionate. They are high in intelligence and extremely energetic by nature. The high levels of activity require frequent exercising opportunities. Furthermore, making a great guard dog, these animals have an incredible natural instinct. Anyone wishing to add this pet to their family needs to be stern in discipline and socialize them to strangers, children, and other animals at a young age, as with most pets. Moreover, their ability to be trained relatively easily makes them of great use to police and rescue groups throughout the world. In terms of names, these dogs are commonly referred to as Hollandse, Herdershond, Holland Shepherd, and a few more of the variety.

Although the Dutch Shepherd Hound more closely resembles the words, the dog that is frequently referred to as a Dutch Hound is the Dachshund. This breed is more commonly known as wiener dogs and is a type of hound. They originated in Germany in the early 1900s and come in a variety of colors, mainly brown, chocolate, cream, red, and black. Generally only being up to ten inches tall and weighing around ten pounds (but up to thirty-two pounds), these dogs are very small in size. Their coats range from being wire-like, long, and smooth.

The temperament of the Dachshund is generally described a loyal and playful. This breed is great for families, like the Dutch Shepherd Hound. They are very smart and courageous, but a little stubborn when it comes to training. Believe it or not, the temperaments of these dogs tend to vary depending on the dog’s specific coat. Those with long hair may be a bit more relaxed by nature. These animals are generally very healthy as well as long as they are not obese. Be careful allowing these dogs to jump up and down from beds and running up and down stairs frequently.

In conclusion, there is no such thing as a Dutch Hound dog; however, the two closest types include the Dutch Shepherd Hound and the Dachshund. The closeness in words of the first and the incorrect pronunciation of the latter is why most people think these dogs are the same as the nonexistent hound breed people frequently attempt to find. Both of these dogs are relatively similar in temperament, but vary greatly in size. Anyone wishing to get either of these dogs will be adding a great loyal, playful dog to the household. Make sure to research whichever dog you choose carefully and avoid falling for the Dutch Hound dog myth in the future.

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