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Unraveling the Fascinating History and Qualities of the Dutch Hound

Unraveling the Fascinating History and Qualities of the Dutch Hound.”

They’re the dogs you’ve heard of but can’t quite place – the affectionately termed ‘Dutch Hounds’, Yet these elusive canines are not what they seem. Dive into a puzzling journey as we unravel the true backstory and distinctive characteristics of these fascinating dogs, which are more than whispers from the Low Countries.

Dutch Shepherd Hound: A Hero in Disguise

Typically believed to be the ‘Dutch Hound’, the Dutch Shepherd Hound is an exceptional herding breed, born from the combination of Belgian Malinois and sheepdogs. These friendly fur-friends, boasting an array of colors from bluish-gray, black and white to gold, brown, or silver, can vary from short to long in their coats’ texture and length.

Temperament and Tendency

Playful and loving, these dogs are a fantastic fit for families. Their energy levels are high, perfect for those who love outdoor activities. With their friendly approach and natural guard instincts, these canines handle socialization well and can easily adapt to new surroundings.

  • Commonly referred to as Hollandse, Herdershond, and Holland Shepherd
  • Highly trainable, making them popular with police and rescue groups
  • Needs a stern hand in discipline, given their playful nature.

Dachshund: The True “Dutch Hound”

Interestingly, the term ‘Dutch Hound’ frequently directs searchers to Dachshunds. Known affectionately as ‘wiener dogs’, their adorable small size belies their German origins. The variety of colors ranges widely, primarily brown, chocolate, cream, red, and black. Their distinctive coats can vary from wire-like, long, to smooth.

Temperament and Tendencies

These pups are a playful, loyal breed with lots of heart. While they can be stubborn during training, the reward is a loving, courageous companion. For curious pet-seekers, coat length can even hint at their temperament; long-haired Dachshunds often lean towards the calmer side.

  • Perfect for families
  • Mindful care can prevent obesity
  • Discourage jumping on high surfaces to prevent harm


In truth, while a ‘Dutch Hound’ breed does not exist, the Dutch Shepherd Hound and the Dachshund could easily qualify as such. Each breed holds unique attributes that make them ideal companions, whether in playing with the kids or standing guard at home. So, next time you go searching for a ‘Dutch Hound’, remember the Dutch Shepherd Hound and the Dachshund; your ideal companion may be a click away.

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