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Doberman Training

doberman_training-4379646Tips on Doberman Training

Doberman training can be a very time consuming experience for individuals that have a new pet.  You are working to train your new pet to get what they want by showing acceptable behaviors.  At the same time you need to remember that you are often working with a puppy that has playful tendencies.  Your puppy is going to bite and bark in playful ways in order to get your attention and make you play.  By working on training your puppy you are going to teach him or her new and appropriate ways to get exercise and play.

When looking at Doberman training we are going to start with crate training.  This can be a very effective way to train your dog because the crate will simulate a den.  Most dogs like to be with their families in small, den like areas.  However, you should not use the crate as punishment.  When your puppy is in the crate, there should be plenty of chew toys and such to keep the puppy occupied and happy.  If you are going to be gone for longer periods of time, you should also make sure that there is water in the crate.  You should use the crate when you are not able to give the puppy your full attention.  They can play in there with the chew toys.  You also know that your puppy is not getting into things that he/she is not allowed to be into.  When you let the puppy out of the crate you should immediately take the puppy to the place that he/she will go to the bathroom.  While you are taking your dog to this place you should use the word “outside” over and over.  This will help your dog learn what it means to go outside.

Next, you may want to work on your dog jumping up on people.  This part of Doberman training is very important because these dogs can get very big and it can be annoying to have a dog this size jumping on you.  As the puppy jumps up on you, you should turn away from the dog and say “no” with a deep, firm voice.  The puppy will learn that they are not going to be given love and affection by jumping.  If you are on the floor with your puppy when he/she does this, you should get up off the floor and do the same thing (turn and say “no”).

All puppies will bite and play in a rough manner.  This can be a problem for Dobermans because they become strong and fast.  The puppy could actually hurt you, even if they think they are just playing.  Puppies have very sharp, new teeth and they can be very painful even during play.  The first thing you need to do is ensure that you have plenty of chew toys for your puppy.  If your puppy continues to bite, you should then gently but firmly grab your puppy by the collar or the shoulders and firmly state “no”.  After you have done this, you should give your puppy one of their chew toys.  You can even put the toy in the puppy’s mouth so that they understand that they should chew on it.

Finally, let us look at house training as far as Doberman training goes.  If your dog goes to the bathroom on the floor or in an inappropriate place, it is not advised that you rub the dog’s nose in the mess.  The can induce stress and actually create more messes.  Also keep in mind that puppies get excited and they may leak without even realizing it.  You should take your puppy out often and you should always state “outside” on the way to the door and out the door.

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