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Dalmatian Training

Helpful Advice For Dalmatian Training

Dalmatian training may be as unique as the dog breed itself.  They are one of the easiest recognized dogs due to their charming spotted appearance that they boast.  They have a refined and elegant body and a highly playful and active temperament.  Dalmatians love spending their days running and although the puppies may be the cutest things you have ever laid your eyes on, they may not be the easiest breed you could pick to train.

The fact is, any type of dog you bring home, especially a puppy, will be a lot of work.  You should expect an accident from time to time and be prepared to devote a substantial amount of time to training if you want to mold your dog into the perfect family member.

The Dalmatian Reputation

It is no secret that it is rumored that Dalmatian training is difficult but that is really derived from those that tried and failed with little effort.  These special dogs often are sadly found in rescues and shelters because their irresponsible owners had difficulty training or didn’t try.

The main cause for the negative Dalmatian reputation is due to individuals who are not familiar with the breed and do not take the time to research them.  If you know the negative qualities of any breed they can be easily trained.

It is important to understand that Dalmatians are extremely sensitive dogs and need a bit of a softer hand when it comes to training.  These are dogs that will not forget abuse or ill-treatment so raising your voice will only make Dalmatian training that much more challenging.


If your dog is not offered plenty of exercise, Dalmatian training may be a lost cause.  These are an extremely active breed and they do not appreciate being locked up inside for any length of time.  Also, they are happiest with human companionship so if you are the kind of person who works long hours, the Dalmatian is not for your.  The more they are left alone, the more destructive and depressed they will become.

Eager To Please

Once your four-legged friend actually figures out what you are asking them to do, Dalmatian training becomes a piece of cake.  It is important that you are just patient because Dalmatians genuinely want to please their owners, it may just take them a bit of time to understand what is being asked of them.

Following simple commands such as retrieving a ball or running with you on a leash are easy tasks for them to learn.  However, realizing that they are suppose to potty outside and not chew your couch are the harder commands for them to actually understand.

Always make sure that you are firm and clear in your command so that your Dalmatian can learn what you are asking of them.  One word commands are ideal such as sit, stay, no, down and potty and be sure to always use the same command so they don’t get confused.

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement goes a long way with Dalmatian training.  Be sure to praise your dog when they do something right so they understand that what they did was good and they will want to do it again.  If you catch your puppy eating your shoe, don’t yell.  Instead, you will replace the shoe with a toy, bone or something that they are allowed to gnaw on.  When they begin chewing on that you will praise them or give them a treat so they know that they are doing something right.  Soon they will understand what items they can put in their mouth and which ones they can’t.

Dalmatian training can be challenging at times but when you take the time to do it properly, you end up with a wonderful, loyal, loving dog who will bend over backwards to please you.