The Lovable and Loyal: All About English Golden Retrievers

When it comes to Golden Retrievers, did you know there are three distinct types? English Golden Retrievers, American Golden Retrievers, and Canadian Golden Retrievers. But let’s focus on our keyword and subject of interest today – English Golden Retrievers.

Distinguishing Features of English Golden Retrievers

English Golden Retrievers
Christian Madden, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Many discerning dog lovers may ask, “Are English Golden Retrievers fundamentally different?” Well, yes and no. Most notably, the English breed is considered the original strain. All other Retrievers evolved from it. Interestingly, English Golden Retrievers were the first to be acknowledged by the American Kennel Club, their bloodlines tracing back to British kennels.

The Crucial Era of Change

Moving onto the time of World War II, this era provided a catalyst for divergence between English Golden Retrievers and American Golden Retrievers. Breeders started focusing more on American kennels disrupting the original British lineage because of the challenges brought by the war. This change resulted in physically different breeds, with the American Retriever being the leaner and lighter version.

Comprehending the Breed Specifications

In terms of physical characteristics, there are evident differences between the breeds:

  • English Golden Retrievers are generally heavier and sturdier than their American cousins.
  • A broader skull, coupled with notably muscular forequarters define English breed.
  • Despite being predominantly of a lighter shade, color is no longer seen as a defining characteristic.

Why English and not British or UK Golden Retrievers?

English Golden Retrievers

You might occasionally hear terms like ‘British Golden Retriever’ or the rather broad ‘European Golden Retriever’. However, ‘English Golden Retrievers’ is the prevalent terminology, primarily because it’s widely used in standards, breeding documents, and is deeply rooted in our conversations and literature about the breed.

Preserve the Worshipped Bloodline

In the end, new breeds are emerging every day due to the melting pot of modern-day breeding. But rest assured, the legacy of English Golden Retrievers is here to stay. Breeders worldwide, especially in the UK and the US, continue to cherish and conserve the original breed as it stands. After all, it’s been over a century of love and loyalty with these furry friends!

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