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Coyote Repellent


How to Use Coyote Repellent

Coyote Repellent can be a farmer’s best friend. No matter if you are a farmer with lots of land, or you grow a home garden in an area that is plagued with animals that can be pests, you will likely need something to keep them away. Animals can easily destroy your garden, raccoons especially are known for tearing up home, but there are several types of animals you have to be careful of. They can get into your garage, crawl spaces etc. Once in, they can really do some damage, especially to wiring.

For as long as people have been growing gardens and living in houses there have been problems with small animals, and the result is that there are several different methods of deterring these animals, unfortunately not all of these methods are successful. Some of the methods that are used include erecting fencing, using animal traps, and poison. These methods will work to a point, but one of the best methods of keeping animals away from areas where you do not want them, such as your garden or crops is by using coyote repellent.

Coyote repellent is actually coyote urine, which is a natural way of keeping many types of animals away. The scent of the coyote will keep animals away because they are natural prey of the coyote and have a fear of this animal. Coyote repellent comes in either liquid or powered form. Due to the fact that animals have a very keen sense of smell, they will detect the scent of the coyote, even from a distance therefore will not be too anxious to come into the area.

There have been research that has shown that coyote repellent is one of the most effective ways of keeping animals away, including deer and raccoons. It is very common for raccoons to become the prey of coyotes, for this reason raccoons are especially wary of going into an area that smells of coyote urine; if you spread coyote repellent around your yard the raccoons will likely move on instead of moving in.

It does not take much coyote repellent to do the job, and humans cannot usually detect the scent at all so it should not be too offensive. If you have a small or medium size dog you can use the coyote repellent to keep them out of areas where you don’t want them, such as your flower garden. There is nothing more frustrating than having your dog tear up your flower garden, but if you put a little of this around the garden your dog will likely stay out of it.

Coyote repellent is useful for keep a variety of different animals out of your yard and garden including deer, elk, groundhogs, raccoons, possums and woodchucks; it even works for keeping iguanas away. Some of the many benefits of using coyote repellent include the fact that it is completely natural and non-toxic so you can safely use it around your kitchen garden. It is safe to use around pets and children, plus there are no chemicals to harm the environment.

To use coyote repellent follow the manufacturer’s directions. You will likely want to place some around out buildings, your crops or garden, as well as any areas of your home that small animals may invade, such as cellar openings. If used right, the repellent should keep animals away, but you will have to use it on a regular basis in order to keep the animals away.

Coyote repellent is usually available at local farming and hardware stores, or if you cannot find it locally you may be able to find it online.

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