Keep Coyotes at Bay: Effective Strategies for a Coyote Deterrent

“Keep Coyotes at Bay: Effective Strategies for a Coyote Deterrent”

If you reside in a region populated by coyotes, and you have pets, it’s crucial to discover an efficient strategy to discourage these predators. Tragically, numerous household animals fall prey to coyotes annually, highlighting the need for an effective coyote deterrent. Through this guide, we aim to provide you with some practical strategies to keep these cunning creatures at bay.

Understanding the Need for a Coyote Deterrent

Wild coyote on a desert
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Primarily, wild coyotes do not pose a significant threat to humans, but they can exhibit aggressive behaviour under certain circumstances, such as when a mother coyote is protecting her pups. Consequently, it’s essential to pick an effective coyote deterrent to ensure the safety of every family member, especially little ones.

Moreover, regulatory measures prohibit trapping or killing coyotes. Hence, a coyote deterrent is the most ethical and legal solution to handle their intrusion. Normally, coyotes leave soon after they sense deterrents, but sometimes these determined creatures choose to stay, complicating things a bit. In these rare instances, we recommend contacting your local wildlife authorities.

Effective Strategies for Deterrence

Using Sounds as a Coyote Deterrent

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Weirdly enough, one of the best ways to ward off coyotes is through noise. By mimicking the sounds of a coyote’s natural predators, like the cougar, you essentially create an auditory boundary that they hesitate to cross.

Creative companies have developed CDs with enhanced predator sounds that seem incredibly realistic to a coyote. While this might sound unorthodox, it’s proven to be quite effective!

Use of Motion Sensitive Lights as a Coyote Deterrent

Installed bright lights on a garden
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Another powerful defensive weapon stacks up quite well on the coyote deterrent list, and it’s as simple as bright, motion-activated lights. Installing these around your property perimeter helps deter coyotes, making it quite a bright idea!

Manage Food Sources

Closed colorful trash bins
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Everyone knows that coyotes are meat-lovers, but did you know they have a sweet tooth for fresh fruit too? Hence, keeping your gardens free from fallen fruit reduces the temptation for these determined creatures. A tidy exterior is thus often a great coyote deterrent.

  • Encase household trash in cans with locking lids
  • Ensure no pet food is left outside
  • Maintain cleanliness around your home

Ensuring Pet Safety

Dog planning on a yard surrounded with big fences
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Your best defense is keeping your beloved pets indoors, particularly during dawn and dusk, which is typically hunting time for coyotes. If your pupper needs a walk, ensure it’s during broad daylight and in populated areas, always on a leash.

Take a peek at some additional coyote deterrent suggestions that pet owners have found useful:

  • Install fences at least six feet tall
  • Carry an air horn on walks with your pet
  • Lock up livestock securely at night

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