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Coyote Trapping

Coyote Trapping

What You May Not Know About Coyote Trapping

If you are interested in coyote trapping there are several things that you need to know before you begin.  This can be a dangerous task if you do not know what you are doing.  It is best to fully understand the trapping process before you begin.  This article is going to explain some of the most important things that need to be considered and taken seriously.

First of all, if you are going to engage in coyote trapping you need to be sure that you have the correct type of trap for the job.  You should purchase a trap that has four coil springs that is approximately six inches wide.  The four coil spring traps are quick and they have a small likelihood of the coyote actually being able to escape. 

Coyote trapped in a chair

If you have been coyote trapping in the past you may already have traps at home.  You can purchase new traps with four coil springs from the store or you can simply modify the ones that you currently have.

Coyote trapping does have rules and regulations that must be followed in most states.  First of all, you must check the traps everyday.  Your trap must be metal and have rubber or smooth jaws.  It must be clearly labeled with your name and address and it must not be set in a location that has public traffic on it.  You do not want to place it somewhere where it is going to be stepped on by a person. 

As a common courtesy you should always ask others if you can set the traps on their property.  This will also decrease the chances of them actually stepping on it by accident.

Once you have seen coyote tracks and decide that you want to begin coyote trapping, you will need to determine where you want to place the traps.  There are a few suggested places that have been known to be successful in the past.  The first location is near livestock trails, but not on the trail itself.  Another place is near a field entrance or close to a fence or intersection. 

Portrait of coyote staring with orange eyes

You will not want to set the trap close to a tree or in high weeds.  These places are not usually very effective because the coyote is apprehensive about approaching areas like this.

There are three different types of traps that can be set when you are coyote trapping.  The first of these is the dirt hole trap.  This one is easy to construct and is effective in luring in coyote’s because it looks like a place that another animal has buried food. 

If you add a urine scent to the area it will be even more likely to draw the coyotes in.  This trap should be placed in the area that you expect the coyote to be traveling.  The second type of trap is the flat trap.  You will place this trap near a clump of grass where the animal has gone to the bathroom in the past. 

You will know that the animal the will most likely be in that area again.  Blind sets are the final type of traps that can be set.  These ones can be set to catch a coyote that has not been successfully caught in the past.  They are set and covered over just like you would do with the flat trap.

There are several different places that you can purchase traps and learn about coyote trapping.  If you are interested in this topic you need to look online or at your local library to find information on trapping correctly.  You can even go the nearest sporting goods store and talk to someone there about trapping.  They are going to be able to help you get started.     

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