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Kitten Facts

Kitten Facts

The 3 Most Important Kitten Facts

Adding a kitten to the household is a major life decision which should never be entered into without a thorough review of some important kitten facts. Much thought should be given to the type of care required by kittens and cats, and all of the pros and cons must get listed and weighed before introducing these little cuties into your household.

Kitten Facts – First Things First
The first thing to do when considering getting a kitten is weigh up the pros and cons. The pros will be all of the reasons you want to get this new kitten, while the cons will be anything that may shed a negative light on owning a kitten (and eventually the cat that it will grow into).

Cute kitten looking at the camera

The pros are usually pretty obvious. Most people want a kitten because they are just so darn cuddly and adorable. In fact, some people would not even consider living without some type of house pet, of which kittens and cats are two of the most common.

Kittens aren’t just cute companions, they keep you company when no one else is around and can give you hours of playtime (when they are in the mood). Kittens are especially playful, so keep this in mind when deciding whether to get a kitten or cat.

The cons are not always so obvious. Most importantly, any pet requires some level of care. Granted, cats don’t require much. They do not need to be let outside to go to the bathroom, because they are easily trained to go in the litter box.

They also bath themselves, so their owners don’t have to do this for them. However, the litter box does tend to get a little stinky, so it needs to be emptied and cleaned on a regular basis.

Very regular if you are not into pet odors. And while most cats don’t mind being alone for much of the time, they cannot be left to fend for themselves for days on end. A good schedule provides for food and water refills daily.

Kitten Facts – Picking Your Kitten
One of the most difficult things about getting a new kitten is choosing one. Whether you go to a pet store, breeder or rescue one from the local animal shelter, you will be faced with a bunch of the cutest faces you have ever seen. And they all want to come home with you. Try to make this decision with a level head, but listen to your gut instincts too.

kitten standing on cat furniture tilting head

Many people say they “just knew” which kitten was the one for them the minute they laid eyes on them. It doesn’t hurt to ask a few questions and observe the kitten’s behavior for awhile too, just to make sure they are what you are looking for in a pet.

Kitten Facts – Taking Kitty Home After the big decision is made, the only thing left is taking your precious kitty home. Before doing this, make sure you have all of the supplies you will need: > two food dishes: 1 for the food, and 1 for the water > kitten food > kitten treats > litter box > scoop for the litter box > litter

Pick up a few kitty toys as well, because kittens love, love, love to play, and you won’t always want to play with them.

When choosing the food and treats, be sure to get the blends that are made especially for kittens. These little balls of fluff require different nutrients then full-grown cats, and you will want to give them everything they need to grow and be healthy for many, many years to come.

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