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Cavapoo Puppies

Facts about Cavapoo Puppies

Hybrid animals are generally developed in order to achieve a particular purpose, and cavapoo puppies are no exception.  The appeal of this dog as a family pet that exhibits minimal shedding has made this mixed breed a popular choice over the past several years.

The hybrid blend

A blend of the Cavalier King Charles spaniel and the poodle is called a cavapoo or, less commonly, a cavoodle.  It is a hybrid dog, which simply means that it is the offspring of two different pureblood breeds of dog.  Because of the different characteristics, temperaments and traits of the parents, there is no definitive or set appearance for a hybrid puppy.  Generally speaking, breeds are chosen for specific purposes; sweet temperament, beautiful coat, size, etc.  In the case of the cavapoo, the desired result in the offspring was a loveable, friendly dog that would not shed or have dander.  Shedding and dander are two factors that trigger allergies, and for families that contain even one member that is allergic to dogs, the lack of these triggers in the cavapoo is an important feature.  Taking a look at the characteristics of the two different parent breeds can give an idea as to how this occurs.

Cavalier King Charles spaniel

This pureblood breed of dog is classified as one of the many toy breeds that are mainly enjoyed for its companionship.  Sweet and gentle, the Cavalier is a great choice as a pet in a household that includes children.  Flexible in their needs, this spaniel is just as sleeping in your lap as it is cavorting outside in the yard.  They possess a beautiful, silky coat that does require regular brushing to prevent tangling, but little other maintenance.  As toy dogs, their height rarely exceeds 12” and a weight of around 15 pounds.  This breed is an excellent family dog; however, shedding hair and dander is a problem.


One of the most popular breeds of dog, the poodle can be any one of three different sizes; toy, miniature and standard.  Their coats are short and curly or corded; they produce very little dander and their short coats do not shed.  Although the poodle is often regarded by many as a piece of mere fluff, it is actually a very intelligent breed of dog that responds well to training.  Their temperament is also often misinterpreted as being sharp and snippy; however, poodles are mostly sweet tempered dogs that find great fulfillment in pleasing their humans.

The cavapoo

Bringing together the pureblood breeds of the Cavalier King Charles spaniel and the toy poodle produces cavapoo puppies.  Because of the difference of the parents, appearance of the puppies will vary even in the same litter.  The desired result is an affectionate, sweet toy dog that exhibits non-allergic tendencies.  Families who are seeking a hypoallergenic puppy will have greater success with a cavapoo featuring the coat of a poodle.

What to look for

The first step is to find a reputable breeder of cavapoos.  Hybrid dogs have become quite popular in society, and as result, many breeders have sprung up in response to the demand.  Not all are reputable.  It is essential that a hybrid dog have parents of pureblood standard to ensure the health of the puppies.  Choose only breeders who can show the documentation for pureblood status of the parents.  Visit the breeder’s home if possible to see the type of conditions in which their dogs live.  Ensure that the puppies have been examined by a veterinarian; after choosing your puppy, be sure to follow up with a visit to your own veterinarian.   This will confirm the health and well being of your new pet.

Cavapoo puppies have become a popular option as a family pet, especially within those families where one or more members have pet allergies.

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