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Bloodhound Puppies

Bloodhound Puppies

All About Bloodhound Puppies

Bloodhound puppies can be an enjoyment for anyone that wants to raise one.  The bloodhound is one of the oldest breeds of dogs in history.  This dog is actually a hunting dog but it loves to track even more. 

This breed has actually been used throughout history to help catch criminals and find children that are lost.  They are very sociable with others if they are given the time to get use to new people.  They have got a great personality. 

The average size of this dog will vary depending on if it is a male or a female.  Males will generally weigh anywhere from 90 to 110 pounds and females will weigh anywhere from 80 to 100 pounds.  These dogs are usually black and tan, liver and tan, or even red.

Bloodhound puppy sits on the sand

Bloodhound puppies are generally very shy.  They will not likely show aggression towards individuals that are near him/her.  Because they respond to tone of voice, it can be difficult to train this dog.  However, they are eager to please their masters. 

It will often cry when it smells something new or strange.  You will not hear this puppy bark or howl like other hunting dogs.  The dogs are gentle and very loving.  Even though they have a good personality, you will not want to have this dog around small animals because it is a hunter by nature. 

Bloodhounds should be socialized as puppies and they actually do very well with small children.  Make sure that you watch the child though because the dog’s ears are very sensitive and should not be pulled or tugged on.

The fur on this breed is very short and will lie very close to the dog’s body.  This helps keep maintenance of the dog very low.  The fur is generally softer on the head and ears and is coarser over the rest of the body.  Be sure to take extra care cleaning the dog’s ears so that they do not become sore or infected. 

You should also spend time cleaning out the folds of skin on your bloodhound puppy so that the skin does not become sore and itch.  If you take the time to simply brush your dog once a week this should take care of any shedding hair.

Your puppy is going to be very playful.  He/she is going to need lots of time for activities and would do very well in a fenced in area where he or she can run.  Play time is very important to keep the dog healthy because this breed of dog has a tendency to overeat. 

It is recommended that the bloodhound be able to run and play for at least 90 minutes a day in order to remain healthy and happy.

While a lot of positives have been discussed related to this breed of dog, make sure that you consider some of the negatives as well.  These dogs will send salvia all over your home with one shake of their head.  They also grow to be very large.  Because of this, they can knock things over if you are living in an enclosed, small space like an apartment. 

Bloodhound Puppies walking in a garden

A bloodhound puppy may fit in the condominium when he was 20 pounds.  However, he will not stay that way forever.  They are also really big eaters, so the food bill could become large if you are use to feeding a smaller dog.

If you still decide to get a bloodhound puppy be sure to do a few things before you settle on the dog.  First, know the breeder and check the dog’s kennel.  Make sure that he is clean and was well cared for.  If the puppy is healthy he will have clean eyes, ears, and nose. 

Find out if the puppy has had all the shots he needs and get a medical record.  Also find out what the dog eats and how often so that you can keep him healthy.

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