Discover the Irresistible Cuteness of Bloodhound Puppies

“Discover the Irresistible Cuteness of Bloodhound Puppies”

Relish in the joy of raising one of the oldest breeds of hunting dogs known – Bloodhound puppies! Boasting a rich history of helping to apprehend criminals and locating lost children, these sociable canines increase their charm tenfold with their unabashed love of tracking and charming personalities.

Understanding Bloodhound Puppies’ Characteristics

A fascinating fact to note is that the size of a Bloodhound puppy varies as it ages, differing greatly between male and female. Typically, males weigh between 90-110 pounds and females tip the scale between 80-100 pounds. Their fur, ranging from combinations of black and tan, liver and tan, or a luscious red, is short and rests closely against their bodies.

Bloodhound puppy sits on the sand

Temperament and Behaviour

Though shy by nature, Bloodhound puppies are far from aggressive. Their gentle and loving temperament, combined with their eagerness to please their owners, makes them an absolute joy to have around. However, as they have a keen hunting instinct, they are best not kept around small animals. They also adapt well with small children, given the children are taught to be gentle with the dog’s sensitive ears.

Caring for Your Bloodhound Puppy

When it comes to maintaining your Bloodhound puppy’s health and hygiene, some areas demand special attention. The folds in the skin and their ears should be cleaned regularly to prevent itching and infections. A simple, weekly brushing of the fur could manage shedding.

Exercise and Diet

  • Your Bloodhound puppy will thrive with physical activities, making a fenced area ideal for them to freely run around.
  • A daily play time of a minimum 90 minutes will aid in their overall health and mitigate the risk of overeating, which this breed is prone to.
  • Remember, these are large dogs that grow rapidly and harbor hearty appetites. Adjust your living space and monthly expenses accordingly, especially if you’re transitioning from fostering smaller breeds.

Bloodhound Puppies walking in a garden

Choosing Your Bloodhound Puppy

Before bringing your Bloodhound puppy home, ensure the breeder is trustworthy and that the puppy has been well cared for. The signs of a healthy pup include clean eyes, ears, and nose. Verify that the puppy has had all necessary shots and keep a record of its medical history. Ask about its diet and feeding schedule for smoother transition into your home.

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