The Best Non Shedding Dogs: The Perfect Choice for Allergy Sufferers

Do you enjoy the company of a canine companion, but not the extra grooming and allergies that can come with it? Then you should seriously consider turning your attention to non shedding dogs. These dogs are the perfect fit for those slightly allergic to pet dander, as well as for busy people lacking the time to pick up after a furry mess. Let’s deep dive into some popular breeds that come with this convenient feature.

The Bichon Frise: A Low Maintenance Friend

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This adorable breed, well-known for its “snowball” poof of wavy hair, is a great option when looking into non shedding dogs. Their full hair coverage comes without the problematic undercoat connected with severe shedding and matting. With such a breed, weekly brushing and occasional cleaning around the eyes suffice to maintain a tidy look.

West Highland White Terrier: Minimal Furry Traces

Westie puppies cuddling on a plush blanket in a cozy living room

This appealing breed, fondly called “westie”, is characterized by its soft white coat. Though it does have a long top coat, this breed’s shedding is unobtrusive for most individuals. Known for its alertness, friendliness, and intelligence, the “westie” is veering towards the hypoallergenic side of the fur spectrum, making it more tolerable for those with sensitive allergies.

The Poodle: A Hypoallergenic Option

Pet poodle hugged by furmom

The poodle offers diversity in both size and color options. Regardless of the variation, all poodles have one common trait – they are non shedding dogs and hypoallergenic. In spite of the requisite grooming related to frequent combing and trimming, the breed’s witty personality and gentle temperament make all the extra grooming efforts worthwhile.

Characteristics of Poodles:

  • Non-shedding coat
  • Requires regular grooming
  • Highly intelligent and family-friendly

American Hairless Terrier: An Allergy Safe Bet

For those looking to completely avoid shedding and who may have severe pet allergies, we have the American hairless terrier. Totally devoid of fur except for a few whiskers, this breed is dander-free. While they may have a bit of fuzz as puppies, they rapidly shed it and remain hairless. Engaging, intelligent and in need of active companionship, this breed could be the perfect pet for someone allergic to the typical canine dander.

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