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Low Protein Dog Food

Why Choose A Low Protein Dog Food?

If your dog has been placed on a low protein dog food then your vet most likely has a reason why.  This is usually a decision that is made if your dog has become ill or is suffering from some type of condition.  Protein is needed by your dog.  They also need to have a certain amount of it.  So, your doctor is going to have a reason for wanting your dog on this special food.

Your dog may be suffering from an illness that is affecting his or her urinary tract.  These types of conditions are the ones that are most commonly going to place your dog on low protein dog food.  Acute or chronic kidney failure is one of the most common reasons.  Other complications may include lyme disease and congestive heart failure.  If you find out that your dog is suffering from one of these problems please talk to your vet to see what else you can do to help him or her other than giving him or her low protein dog food.

There are several things that you need to look for when you are giving your dog a low protein dog food.  First of all, be sure that the food also has low phosphorus levels. You are also going to think about high levels of vitamin D3.  Finally, increasing calcium is important as well because you are not going to want your dog to break any bones.

There are numerous producers of low protein dog food.  The first one of these is the Flint River Ranch Senior.  This brand has no preservatives and all of the ingredients found within it are natural so it should be very good for your dog.  The second type is Purina and it is recommended by vets.  If your dog is suffering from renal failure you should consider giving him or her IVD Select Care as his or her low protein dog food.  Hills brand makes low protein food as well.

Because there are so many different types of food out there you will want to talk to your doctor about what he or she recommends. You will most likely need to buy it from your vet anyways because low protein dog food is not usually sold in stores.  As previously mentioned, this is because the dogs need protein to be healthy.  They are not going to sell a low protein dog food over the counter because they do not want people giving their dogs a low protein food that may make them sick.

When you start giving your dog low protein food, you need to keep in mind that your dog is most likely not going to like the food.  It is not going to have as much flavor as their old dog food.  That is because, most of the time, the flavor is going to be in the protein and if that is removed then the flavor is also.  Do not give your dog table scraps in order to encourage him or her to eat.  If you do that you are going to be increasing the protein in the diet and you would be defeating the purpose of the low protein dog food.

If you are finding that the low protein dog food is too expensive you can research this topic online and find that there are thousands of different recipes related to how you can make low protein food.  You may find out that this is also better tasking for your dog.  He or she may be willing to eat what you make as opposed to the food that you purchased at the store.  You should consult your doctor before you begin just to clarify that your dog is allowed to eat whatever is in the prepared food.