Bull Arab Dogs: Unleashing the Strength and Loyalty of this Mighty Breed

For those not familiar with Bull Arab Dogs, this breed originates from Australia, and has primarily remained there. Known for their hunting skills, especially when it comes to feral pigs and boars, they’ve earned the rather affectionate nickname of “Pig dog”.

Origins of the Bull Arab Dogs

Bull Arab Dogs
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This particular breed, unlike most, isn’t pure. The Bull Arab dog is a mix of various breeds, concocted for a very specific purpose – the wild boar hunting in Australia back in the 1970s.

The Breed’s Recognition and Registry

The Bull Arab dog breed has yet to gain official recognition, but there’s no denying its popularity. Rather interestingly, it does have its own registry, The Australian Bull Arab Registry. Dogs must fit within the registry guidelines, including passing a DNA test, for registration.

Buying a Bull Arab Dog

If you’re considering buying a Bull Arab, be aware that it’s not a simple task. You’d need to reside in Australia, where breeders operate, and even then, they are rather scarce. On top of this, be prepared for a possibly hefty price tag and a waiting period before your name comes up.

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The Appearance of the Bull Arab Dogs

Standing tall at around 25” at the shoulder, Bull Arab dogs project a sense of strength and agility. Their powerful hindquarters suggest a capacity for speed, and its thick tail tapers proportionally to its body size.

Color Variations

These dogs are renowned for their diverse coloring. Acceptable colors range from red, liver, black, buckskin and tan, to the more exotic silver and brindle. Most Bull Arabs are white with color patches, or a beautiful contrast of color with white patches.

Nature and Behavior of Bull Arab Dogs

While their origins may portray them as hunting creatures, the Bull Arab dogs are far from vicious. They make excellent family pets, providing they receive proper training. They can participate in dog shows, live as beloved pets, and maintain their hunting instincts simultaneously.

Behavioral Traits

However, their background as hunting dogs could lead to some interesting behavior. For instance, anything that moves with speed might garner the Bull Arab’s attention, potentially leading them to chase. This means one needs to be vigilant around other dogs and animals during walks.

Further Readings

All told, Bull Arab dogs make for wonderful companions, though it does require knowledgeable owners to ensure their instincts are guided and controlled appropriately.

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