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Angry Rottweiler


The Truth about the Angry Rottweiler

Many Americans have a fear of being attacked by an angry Rottweiler. This fear does not stop with the Rottweiler breed, everything from boxers to pit bulls are typically thrown into the category of aggressive dogs that are likely to attack anyone at any point. The media (especially the local news channels) show footage of these “vicious” dogs attacking innocent people. Although you may hear of these dogs attacking out of nowhere, this is generally not the case if trained properly. Throughout this article we will delve into the topic of the angry Rottweiler and uncover the truth behind this breed.

Wrap your mind around this common scenario: you are walking down the street and you see a Rottweiler within the fence of the house you are about to pass. The dog instantly rushes to the fence and immediately begins to bark as you come within view. Startled you may have a fight or flight response and wish to take off down the sidewalk to rid yourself of this barking beast. However, would you have the same reaction of the dog that rushed to the fence was a little fluffy Maltese puppy? Chances are the answer is no. However, what causes this fear response within you? Is it the size of the dog and its muscular build or it is the stereotypes given to these dogs? Or is it the deepness of the bark? Regardless, barking is a very typical dog reaction to any passerby. Just because this dog is larger than your toy breeds does not mean that it is likely to harm you. The behavior of a dog almost always falls back on proper training and treatment.

Believe it or not, Rottweiler dogs are actually quite calm and highly intelligent. However, they tend to be a bit unaware of their build while they are still young; therefore they may knock over children when they are trying to play with them. As a result, it is important to always supervise your younger children while they are around the Rottweiler puppy. Furthermore, this breed is strong-willed and must be trained, while still a puppy, that biting and rough play is absolutely not acceptable. Along the same lines, they need to be socialized to strangers, children, and other dogs while they are young. Failure to properly train and socialize these dogs can results in what some refer to as an angry Rottweiler (or aggressive Rottweiler).

An untrained dog is more likely to be overly protective and test the waters even with their owner. If you encourage rough play and wrestle with this dog while it is young it will think this behavior is acceptable and may be near impossible to break as the dog ages. Therefore, it is essential that you properly train this breed at a very early age and make the rules and boundary lines extremely clear. Due to their protective nature, make sure to thoroughly allow positive contact between your dog and those that visit your house on a regular basis, including the bug man, mail man, and meter reader.

Believe it or not, another cause for an increased risk of having an angry Rottweiler is inbreeding. Rottweiler dogs that are inbred tend to be a good bit more aggressive than those that are bred properly. Therefore, it is essential to understand where the Rottweiler you are seeking to obtain came from genetically. This is particularly true if you purchase the dog in your local pet shop.

In conclusion, when determining whether a Rottweiler will be aggressive it typically falls back to proper training. Anyone having one of these dogs should make sure to provide proper care and attention to adequately train puppies to be accepting of strangers, children, and other dogs. This breed is very muscular and is definitely capable of seriously harming someone if they attack; therefore, training is absolutely essential at a very young age to minimize the likelihood of having an angry Rottweiler.

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