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American Mastiff

Some Interesting Facts on the American Mastiff

The American Mastiff is a breed of dog that was created more than 20 years ago.  This dog was created as an attempt to cut down on hip problems and drooling that was associated with various mastiff dogs.  This was done by Fredericka Wagner.  This breed of dog looks very similar to the English mastiff.

This dog was intended to be a family dog rather than a show dog.  They are very calm and gentle dogs and they are also very good with children.  Just to help things along, you should take your puppy to meet as many people as possible.  This helps to socialize the dog so that he/she will feel comfortable around people.  They are not known to become aggressive unless they feel that they need to protect their owners.  In this case, they may bark at a person in an attempt to scare them.  This dog is not a guard dog.  It is more of a watch dog.  Make sure you understand the difference before you decide on a breed.

They do not need an excessive amount of exercise and they tend to do very well with a regular routine.  They do love to go for walks and it is recommended that they be kept on a leash.  The have very short hair and they are easy to groom because of this.  The do not shed anymore than an average dog.  They are very large dogs as the males can weigh up to 200 pounds.  Many people would think that because of their size they would not do well in an apartment setting.  However, this is not true.  These dogs will do well just about anywhere as long as they are walked daily.  This includes in an apartment.  This is probably because the American mastiff as a very lazy dog.  The average life expectancy of the dog is roughly 10 to 12 years and he/she can eat anywhere from 6 to 8 high quality cups of food a day.

There are three primary colors of the American mastiff.  These colors include brindle, fawn and apricot.  The puppies of this breed will usually be a lighter color. This color will become darker as the dog reaches adulthood.  It is acceptable if the dog has white markings on its chin, nose, chest and feet.  Keep in mind that the dog needs to have a black mask over the face in order to meet registration standards.  The dog has amber colored eyes as well.

The build of the dog is rather strong.  His or her ears are round and they are high on the head.  The neck sets the appearance of being powerful as it is arched slightly.  The chest is very deep and broad as well.  When seeing a full grown dog of this size and build it is hard to believe that it is friendly and loves to be around children.  Its appearance can be very intimating.

These dogs can be wonderful companions if you are willing to give them the love and attention that they deserve.  They are not the type of dog that will accept being tied to a tree or dog box in your backyard.  This can result in behavior problems as your dog will become frustrated as he/she is not an active member of the family.  It is important to know that these dogs will also snore while they are sleeping.  Therefore, if you are a light sleeper, this may not be the dog for you.  The dog may also pass gas and drip water around their bowl when they are very thirsty.  So, if you are neat person or you are offended easily, you may want to consider a different breed of dog.