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Catfish Food


What Makes Good Catfish Food

Catfish food is not very difficult to come by if you know what they like.  Once you understand what a catfish likes to eat you will be better prepared to catch one of these large fish.  This article is going to help you understand what a catfish likes to eat so that you will be able to go fishing with success.

The first thing that makes good catfish food is crawdads.  When you use a crawdad as catfish food you have two options.  You can either use the entire crawdad or you can remove it from the shell and use the tail.  The catfish really likes the white meat that makes up the tail.  You can simply place this on the hook and be ready for the excitement to begin.  You may not want to use crawdads all of the time though because you may have a hard time keeping them on the hook.  I would recommend that you use them in the spring or late fall.  This is when they are most appealing to the catfish.  If you do not have access to crawdads, you can always use shrimp.  This little critter also makes good catfish food.

Cut bait is another option that you can use to catch catfish.  This simply means that you will take a minnow or another type of fish (maybe like a blue gill) and cut it up.  You can cut it into a fillet or chunks, it really does not matter which one.  You will then take the cut bait and place it on the hook.  This type of catfish food is really appropriate when you are fishing in deeper water.  This is because the catfish usually enjoys minnows when they are swimming in deeper water.

Catfish food that is generally effective year round is clams.  You will most likely find that fresh clams have a better outcome but at the same time you will notice that they are most likely going to eat any kind of clam if they are hungry. They are mostly beneficial in the evening and summer time.  They are used to catch small catfish.  You can use different types of worms in the winter time or early spring.  The catfish will most likely bite on these.  You are going to be able to find these worms in just about any bait shop and they do have a lot of success.

If you are not interested in any of the catfish food that was just mentioned you can try some of these next options.  Some of the things that you can try include bread dough, salmon eggs or hot dogs.  Hot dogs have been very popular in the past, especially with catfish that are over 15 pounds.  Cheese will be effective for most catfish if you are willing to give it a shot.  If you are interested in purchasing plastic worms or crank baits from you local tackle store if you would like to do so.

As you can see, catfish food can encompass just about anything that you have around the house, plus some.  Catfish will eat just about anything as long as they are hungry.  The more you catfish, the more you are going to find out what works in your area.  Just as mentioned above, you can see that some fish respond differently to different foods based on the depth they are at and the time of the year.  You are going to learn what works at your favorite fishing hole.  Take the time to try some of the catfish food that has been discussed here.  You may find out that you like some things better than others.

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