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Catching Catfish


Useful Hints for Catching Catfish

If you have been working on catching catfish you may be interested in learning some of the little hints and tricks that can help you succeed at this task.  This article is going to explore some of the little things that may help you catch a catfish for dinner.  You may find out that you are better at catfishing than you had realized.

The first thing that you will want to keep in mind is that you need to keep your line on the bottom of the waterway.  No matter where you are fishing (pond, river, lake, etc.), you will want to keep your line towards the bottom.  Most of the time, the largest catfish are going to be found eating the slim and muck that is located at the bottom of the water the closer you are getting to the shore of the water.  Most often they can be found at seven to ten feet.

You will need to have a long rod rather than a short one.  You need to also be sure that you have a reel and line that is going to work and hold the fish.  You will want to make sure that you are also using bait that is going to attract the catfish to you.  If you are fishing close to the bank of the water ways you will want to use worms or night crawlers.  These things are thought to be good bait for catfish.

Remember that no matter what type of bait you are using you still need to be patient when you are catfishing.  If you are able to be very patient you may find that a trout line is going to be the most effective way for you to catch catfish.  This means that you would take a line with hooks on it and spread it out in the water.  This is going to increase the likelihood of the catfish actually getting caught on the line.  You will set each hook approximately five feet apart from each other and bait each one.  You will want to set the line in the mid-afternoon and check it later in the day.  Once you have it set you can simply walk away and let the bait do its job.  You can take a nap or go home for a while as you let the line do all of the work.  You will not need to worry about casting and recasting.  Some people think that this is the lazy way of fishing but others really enjoy it.

Another important rule for catching catfish is to keep the line on your pole tight at all times.  If you do not do this, and you have too much slack on the line, it may float ahead of your hook down stream.  This is not going to leave you in a very good position to set your hook when the catfish actually takes the bait.  This is almost like setting your self up for failure when you are trying to catch a large catfish.

So, as you can see, catching catfish is really not that difficult.  You do not need any fancy tools or tackle to achieve this goal.  You simply need to have bait and tackle that is reliable and a nice, relaxing location that will allow you to be patient.  It is nice to remember the little things, however, like staying on the bottom and keeping a tight hold on the line.  These things are the most important when you are working on catching catfish.  Once you remember these things, you will be better prepared for your fishing trip.

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