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Tips For Selecting The Best Finch Food


Tips For Selecting The Best Finch Food

Understanding finch food is a very good idea if you have one of these birds.  You will want to know what they eat so you can keep them healthy and happy.  There are several different ways to learn about finch food but this article is going to explain this bird’s diet briefly so you are prepared for this pet.

Well, the most common finch food is seeds.  However, they may need more than this in order to be healthy.  Actually, if you watch one of these birds in the wild, they are going to search for small bugs and other things that are going to give them the nutrition that their body needs and craves.  Therefore, you will want to keep this in mind if you are raising one in your home.  If you see your bird searching around the bottom of their cage they are probably looking for some other type of food.

You may want to start small with something like lettuce when you begin teaching your bird to eat different things other than seeds.  Finch food in most pet stores is generally seeds, so you are going to need to be patient and teach your pet to eat something other than that.  You can begin by making some simple rice for your bird if he or she did not respond to the lettuce.  He or she will most likely go to their feeding tray daily so you can place some of the rice on it or mix it in with their seed.  This is going to be less threatening to your bird.  Even thought it may take a few days for your bird to try the new food, keep giving it to them.  They will try it eventually.

Once your bird gets use to eating different types of finch food you start placing it into its own little bowl inside of their cage.  You will notice that the bird will go there from time to time for a small snack or treat.  You can then begin to place other things inside such as some fruits or vegetables.  You can try corn, strawberries, grapes, and etc.  However, you should keep in mind that these are small birds and you do not need to over feed them.  A little bit of food can go a long way for birds.  You do not want to give them the same thing all of the time because this is not good either.  Be sure to give them a variety.

A finch will eat bugs, as previously mentioned.  They are actually a very good way for your bird to get protein that they need.  The two types of bugs that are the most common for this bird is the maggot and the mealworm.  You can contact your local pet store in order to find out how to get these for your birds.  Do not dig the bugs up from your backyard and bring them into the house.  Doing so can result in diseases and viruses that you will need to treat later.  Remember, we are trying to keep your bird healthy by giving it good foods.

Finch food should NOT consist of a few things that are going to be briefly mentioned now.  You should not give your bird avocados, chocolate, eggplant, olives or onions.  If you are concerned that you may be giving your bird something that you should not, research the food first and its effects on a finch.  This is the safest thing to do in order to avoid making your bird sick.  You can also talk to a vet or a pet store worker who specializes in birds.  They are going to be able to let you know what you should and should not feed your bird.