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Marmoset Monkeys

Marmoset Monkeys

All About Marmoset Monkeys

Marmoset monkeys are a species of monkeys that will generally reach about 20 centimeters in length.  They are the relatives of other monkeys that you may have seen or learned about.  These monkeys are very active and they live in the tops of many forest trees.  They often eat fruits, bugs and different types of leaves.

Marmoset monkeys can be found living in groups that consist of three to fifteen monkeys.  Each monkey will generally help take care of offspring and they often share food.  These monkeys will also leave a scent around their territory but it is not clear if this is because they do not want others around or not.

Marmoset monkey watching from the tree

If you are interested in own a marmoset monkey you are going to need to know how to care for it.  It is important to keep in mind that they will do very well if they are handled from a very young age.  They tend to enjoy the feel of your hands on them and they like the warmth that comes from your hands.

When the monkey is very little you are going to need to bottle feed it just like you would do for a small baby. 

You will want to warm the milk that they are going to drink and you are going to want to hold them in your arms just like you would do with a regular baby.

While the marmoset money is very cute and loveable, you need to remember that as an adult, he or she can be very aggressive and unpredictable.  If you want your monkey to remain healthy while you have them you need to make sure that you are feeding him or her properly. 

He or she may get bored with their food so you are going to need to keep things interesting for them. You are going to need to purchase primate biscuits and they should make up a large part of the monkeys diet. They are also going to need things like yogurt and peanuts to keep them happy.  Be sure to give him or her vegetables like chopped broccoli and carrots.  They may also like celery. 

Fruit is important as well. You can give your monkey things like bananas, mangos and peaches that he or she will really enjoy.  You will want to keep string beans and green beans on hand because they enjoy eating this also.

As mentioned earlier, the marmoset monkey does like to be up high.  In order to create an atmosphere like the tops of trees you are going to want to put a hammock in the corner of their cage, up high. 

You will also want to put blankets or pillows inside of it.  Your monkey is going to be very comfortable sleeping in this location.  Be sure to keep plenty of toys in the monkey’s cage.  They are animals that like being with others of their own kind. 

Marmoset monkeys climbing a tree

Therefore, placing them into their cage alone is going to make him or her very lonely.  You will want to have lots of stuffed animals and play toys to keep the monkey company when you are not able to play with him or her.

These monkeys are not allowed to be in some states as a pet.  This is something that you are going to want to check into before you purchase one.  You are also going to want to decide if the marmoset monkey is going to be the best pet for you. 

If you have small children you may not want to take the chance of the monkey getting aggressive. It is better to be safe than sorry.  You should always think of the possibilities before you get one.

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