10 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Chipmunks in Your Yard

Ever wondered about the most effective ways to manage the chipmunk crowd running riot in your yard? Chipmunks – they may seem adorable, but they’re quite the troublers! Their burrowing habits wreak havoc on your garden and they notoriously raid bird feeders. If this all sounds too familiar, you might be searching for answers on how to get rid of chipmunks.

Understand the Chipmunk Problem Before You Act

Small brown chipmunk on a tree trunk
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First things first, let’s acquaint ourselves with these little bandits. Wrap your heads around their habits, their go-to hideouts, and their known food sources. It’ll significantly help with the yard clean-up efforts.

Keep your yard neat

Huge garden and a wheelbarrow
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Cleaning up is the first step. Tidy up the edges of your lawn, firstly eradicating the potential for these critters to burrow. Ensure that areas around dirt piles or rock piles are neat and clear. This also applies to your woodpile – it could be an irresistible nuisance to our furry invaders.

Refine birdseed selection

Crows eating  a birdseed
TootSweetCarole / Pixabay

Thinking about birdseed? There’s a trick! Not all birdseed is attractive to chipmunks. A little research can help determine their least favorite and subsequently reduce their visits.

How to Use Requires Resources and Repellants

Wood trap and cage
ignartonosbg / Pixabay

If initial strategies aren’t yielding results, fear not! There are other methods in your “How To Get Rid Of Chipmunks” Handbook, like using hardware cloth.

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Applying hardware cloth

Hardware cloth and mesh up-close
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Deterring the little guys from your residence can be achieved by strategically placing hardware cloth. Apply this material in high-traffic zones for optimal results. Protect your porches, buildings, and even your precious tulip bulbs from these burrowers.

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Consider Humane Relocation with Live Traps

Wooden trap
jackmac34 / Pixabay

Still bugged by the chipmunks? It might be time to relocate them – humanely, of course. Although time-consuming, this can potentially resolve your issue. Use a live trap and some well-chosen bait, and you’re set!

Establishing a live trap

Jar of peanut butter
Olga Nayda / Unsplash

Place a live trap with a delectable mix of peanut butter and sunflower seeds as bait. The sticky peanut butter ensures the bait remains on the trap’s trigger, thereby, increasing the chances of a successful trap. Remember, covering the trap with a sheet may reduce the chipmunks’ stress when relocating them.

The Last Resort: Chemical Control

Hand holding a spray bottle

Should all else fail, you may feel compelled to consider a chemical control method, which, although effective, should be considered as a last resort. Before going down this path, make sure to check your local state laws, as these methods may be regulated and can carry penalties for non-compliance.

Getting rid of chipmunks in your yard can be quite the task but rest assured – with some patience and the right approach, your yard can be chipmunk-free in no time!

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