How to Get Rid of House Beetles: A Complete Guide

How to Get Rid of House Beetles: A Complete Guide

Closeup of lady beetle about to fly

Do you ever think about the wide range of bugs that find their cozy comfort zone in our homes? Among these, house beetles are the most noticeable ones. Some species are harmless, others can cause significant damage. Let’s explore some of these types and how to deal with them.

Meet the Different Types of House Beetles

Ladybug crawling on a green blade of grass
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Common varieties that you may find in your home includes Longhorned beetles, foreign grain beetles, ground beetles, weevils, and the Multicolored Asian Lady beetles. While most are harmless, preventing their intrusion is ideal for maintaining a bug-free home.

Longhorned Beetles

Green shiny beetle on stem of a grass.

These beetles like to grow inside trees or logs. In case of any surprise home excursions, please remember not to harm them but, instead, safely guide them back outside.

Foreign Grain Beetles

Palm weevil snout beetle

These critters have a preference for newer infrastructures and a diet that includes fruit, cereals, grains, and spices. Store food in closed containers to avoid attracting them.

Ground Beetles

Closeup of beetle eating leaf
Image by Katja Schulz from Washington, D. C., USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

These fellows usually creep in when temperatures drop. They pose no threat to your home and their interest in devouring other insects, could even make them a handy house guest.


Earwig bug crawls over leaf

Among house beetles, weevils are typically attracted to ornamental plants. Summer and fall are their seasons of choice to pay a visit. Once again, they cause no damage and if sighted, just usher them out!

Multicolored Asian Lady Beetles

Lady bug sitting on a narrowleaf

Your home might become a harbor for these aphid-devouring beetles, especially via open doors and windows. As they are helping in controlling pests, one might consider taking extra efforts to seal entry points.

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Tackling Destructive House Beetles

Closeup of ladybug eating aphids

The concern arises when house beetles start to cause damage. Here’s a quick overview of the culprits: Lyctid beetles, Anobiid beetles, Bostrichid Powderpost beetles, and Cerambycid (Old House Borer) beetles.

To identify infestation, look for wood powder near boreholes. If spotted, action should be taken quickly before a single beetle converts into a whole lot more!

Solutions to Combat House Beetles

Ladybug crawling on a green blade of grass
Pavlo Burdyak / Adobe Stock

A comprehensive strategy can help manage these destructive crawlers:

  • Regulate the moisture content in your home
  • Seal cracked areas
  • Replace infested wooden structures
  • In extreme cases, consider fumigation

Of course, professional help is recommended to ensure effective execution of these strategies.

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