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Types Of Beetles

Types Of Beetles

Facts about Different Types of Beetles

There are many different types of beetles not only in North America but also throughout the entire planet. Believe it or not, beetles make up the largest group of insects in the world. These beetles are known by the scientific name Coleopetra, which means “sheathed wings.” There are over 300,000 types of beetles worldwide and at least 30,000 found in North America alone.

To put these odds a little bit more into perspective, understand that beetles make up at least a fourth of every animal found on Earth. Throughout the article we will explore not only common beetle characteristics, but also delve in a little deeper with a few select types.

A dung beetle on the forest ground.

These beetles are very diverse and can live almost anywhere imaginable, but obviously not in the middle of the ocean. Each type of beetle has wings that appear like armor. Most of the beetles in the world can fly, but rarely do so.

Although they are equipped with these wings, most of them are unable to take off on command and fly straight. Instead, flying is a huge deal and requires adequate and thorough preparation. One main reason for this inability to fly on command is their low body temperature.

Almost all types of beetles are predators; however, some can be parasites. These beetles can also range in size depending on their type (anywhere from much less than an inch to five inches long). Some beetles live in the water, while others appear on land. Despite these differences, their bodies are all segmented and have three pairs of legs.

Throughout the remainder of this article we will examine a few different types of beetles; however, due to the sake of time and space it will be limited to those that are most common. The rove beetle is known for their small size and short elytra. They are generally black and live under stones and within the soil. The lady beetle on the other hand is frequently referred to as ladybugs.

This variety is round in shape and is known for its red and orange body with black accents. Another type includes the soldier beetle, which loves flowers. These beetles actually have a relatively soft exterior.

Fireflies are another beetle variety that loves damp areas. Seeing a flashing light coming from them is an indication of mating. On the other hand, the stag beetle is given their name for their jaws that resemble deer antlers. These beetles frequently pinch people if handled roughly.

Longhorn beetles have extremely long antennas and can range in color as well as size. Some have wings that contain white spots, while other do not. Other types of beetles include but are definitely not limited to the following: scarab, leaf, ground, click, pollen, jewel, sap, and weevils.

Many of these beetles are nocturnal and therefore are out at night but sleep during the day. Therefore, these beetles may hide under rocks or in the soil during the day keeping them from view. However others, like the ladybug, can be found during the daytime with ease.

If you are seeking beetles it is best to determine which type of beetle you are after and then research where that specific variety tends to be found.

In conclusion, there are hundreds of thousands of beetle types throughout the world. Although they share a few common characteristics, they can be very different in terms of body shape, length, habitat, and even foods they consume. Some beetles live near the water, while others prefer to be underground or near plants.

Although some are decent fliers, most are horrible without adequate preparation. All in all, beetles are very common and make up a forth of all animals on Earth; therefore, finding a beetle of some type nearby should not be too difficult unless you live in the middle of the ocean or in Antarctica.

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