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Goldfish Behavior

Information About Goldfish Behavior

Goldfish behavior can vary a great deal from fish to fish, as well as from community to community. A lot of what will determine the behavior of this fish is the environment that they live in, and how the person that is caring for them conditions them.

There have been numerous studies conducted on goldfish behavior by scientists with some interesting results. For example, the memory of the goldfish will last longer than 3 seconds. The reason for this is that this breed of fish is considered to be one of the more intelligent of the many fish species.

Because of the fact that goldfish are more intelligent, and have strong visual skills, they can actually distinguish between different people. One of the things that you might notice about goldfish behavior is that they tend to react when the person that cares for them is nearby. They may swim rapidly around the front of the tank or go to the top of the water for food, etc. If other people come around they could react by slipping into some hiding place in the tank. If your fish react in this way it could signify that they can tell the difference between you and someone that they don’t know.

If you notice goldfish behavior like begging for food when you approach the tank, you know that your goldfish are learning who their caregiver is. It is though that these fish can actually tell the difference between the different family members that live in the same house.

Even if a goldfish is blind, they can still distinguish the difference between people through sound and vibration. These fish also have a habit of behaving in the same way when they are able to see their own reflection in the tank’s glass, or if you hold a mirror up to the side of the tank.

One way that you can help affect goldfish behavior is by making sure that you have frequent visual contact with your fish. Allow them to see you when you are feeding them, and sit by the tank and watch them on a regular basis. They will eventually lose any fear of you and you will find that you may even begin to feed your fish by hand.

Another interesting aspect of goldfish behavior is how friendly they are to their own species. With these fish you need not have any fear of putting several goldfish into the same tank, in fact your fish might actually like the company. These fish are usually gentle with each other, even during breeding times.

The only thing that you might have a problem with when it comes to goldfish behavior is feeding. If you have too may fish in the same tank, or you have fish that are many times larger than others, those fish may get all of the food. Eventually your smaller fish will weaken and become sick. When mixing goldfish together you’ll want to be sure that they are all about the same size.

Goldfish behavior is actually very interesting, which is why this species of fish are among the most popular for home aquariums. In addition to this, these fish are very inexpensive and easy to find at any fish store.