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Cricket Facts

A Quick Guide to Cricket Facts

Cricket facts can be very exciting for children if they are learning about bugs and insects.  Spending time researching these bugs can be fun as the child will learn all about the cricket.  This can be a wonderful thing to help them with science classes and they may be more willing to learn if it is interesting facts that they may not have learned in the fast.

First of all, the cricket has very good hearing and vision.  This could be because of their compound eyes.  This gives them the ability to see in numerous directions at one time.  Cricket facts also revolve many myths.  For example, it is believed that they are good luck.  People think that you will be blessed with luck if you hear the cricket sing.  Also, in some parts of the world, if a cricket is found in your house it is treated with respect.  They may even be placed into a cage that is made for them and given food and water to help them survive.  Finally, some people believe that if you simply leave them in your house and they do not leave, you will be receiving a large amount of money.

Cricket facts also discuss the wings of the cricket.  If you have ever looked at a cricket up close you may noticed that they do have wings.  However, they do not fly and they often get around by jumping really high into the air.  When a baby cricket is born it will look like an adult cricket other than the fact that he or she will not have wings yet.  The color of the cricket is usually black, green or brown.  They often vary in size as well and many are between one quarter of an inch and one inch long.  You are most likely going to find these insects in trees, meadows or fields and they are found all over the world.  Cricket facts point out that you are going to find their ears on the front of their legs.  If you look closely you will see two white spots and that is what they are.

Since cricket singing was discussed earlier it seems only appropriate to discuss how they make that noise.  Well, the legs of the crickets have another use other than jumping.  They will actually rub their left hind leg and rub it on their right hind leg.  This is what makes the chirping noise that many people consider singing.  They actually have more than one song that they will sing and each one has a different purpose.   These range from luring in a mate to letting you know that they have planted their sperm.

There are several different species of crickets and they chirp at different speeds based on the type of cricket that it is.  Another contributing factor is the temperature that the cricket is living in.  It is amazing that so much goes into the singing.  It is also very possible to figure out what the temperature is outside by adding 40 to the number of times that the cricket actually chirps in 15 seconds.  This is called Dolbear’s Law.  This is possible because they are cold blooded and they will take on the temperature of their surrounding area.

It is easy to see why these insects are so fascinating.  They are often confused with grasshoppers because of the similar looks but it is interesting how many facts surround the cricket.  You may have learned something from this article that you did not know before.  That makes this a learning experience.  Pass the knowledge on to others so they can enjoy the chirping the next time they hear the crickets song.

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