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How To Get Rid Of Crickets


Tips On Getting Rid Of Crickets

Many people want to know how to get rid of crickets.  After working hard all day, you slip into bed exhausted, and within minutes of resting your head on the pillow, it happens – the sound of crickets.  Because of the size and shape of the body, crickets can get inside the house through the tiniest crack.  The challenge is that as soon as you get out of bed and turn the light on to find the location of the noise, the cricket is nowhere to be found.

To ensure you get a good night’s rest, the information provided will help.  In addition to making a lot of annoying noise, crickets also cause significant damage so getting the problem under control would not just let you sleep, but also save you money.  Once crickets get inside, they find unusual hiding places such as the kitchen pantry, wallpaper, socks, and inside closets, where they eat everything in sight.

Females lay hundreds, perhaps thousands of eggs and while they would not hatch for one year, they will hatch, meaning you might get rid of the immediate problem but in a year, you would start all over.  The good news is that methods for how to get rid of crickets are actually easy and inexpensive.  The following are recommendations from which you could choose based on what appeals most.

  • Bug Spray – Although some people prefer not to use bug sprays due to the chemicals, this may be necessary.  When visiting the local gardening center or hardware store, you will find products made specifically for crickets.  Whether in foam or liquid form, the chemicals would be sprayed wherever crickets are causing a problem.  The downside is that the chemicals used are harmful to people and pets, which is why many people prefer to stay away from this solution.
  • Bait – A safer method used for getting rid of crickets is with bait, also placed in areas of crickets.  Some baits use chemicals but they are safer than sprays.  If you prefer, you could create your own bait simply by filling a glass jar with about one cup of molasses.  Crickets love it and the smell lures them to the jar.  Once inside, they cannot move, eventually dying.
  • Traps – Traps are also a popular method of how to get rid of crickets, which look like small squares with poison inside.  Therefore, they would need to be placed in areas where small children or animals could not reach, such as in the back of a closet, under a dresser or bed, behind the refrigerator, etc.  Crickets will eat the poison and die.
  • Professional Intervention – If the cricket problem is out of control and nothing you have tried worked, it may be time to call in a professional.  This person would determine the degree of cricket problem and then look at who and what lives in the home before making recommendations.  Depending on the method used for how to get rid of crickets, homeowners and pets may be asked to leave the home for a few hours.

Once the problem of crickets is handled, the next step is to use preventative measures so you do not end up in the same situation.  For this, look for places where the crickets got inside and then seal them off.  If you have cracks by doors or windows, seal them, if your air vents are open, close them.  For openings that cannot be sealed, secure a piece of fine mesh over the opening to keep crickets from getting inside.  Finally, make sure any of your outdoor plants and flowers are properly trimmed and not located too close to the house since they attract crickets.  As you can see, when it comes to how to get rid of crickets, you have several good options.

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