Eliminate Those Noisy Intruders: A Foolproof Guide on How to Get Rid of Crickets

After a long day at work, falling into a deep slumber seems like the ultimate reward—until the crickets begin their nightly symphonies. What’s more, getting out of bed to remove the intruder is often futile. Just when you switch on the light, silence reigns. Sound familiar? Then this guide is for you. Here’s how to make those sleepless nights a thing of the past.

Enough is Enough: Turning the Tables on Crickets

Two crickets on each other

Not only are these chirpy critters audibly irritating, but they also wreak havoc around your home. They can sneak in through the smallest crevice and set up camp in the most unlikely spots. Discover them in your pantry, closet, hidden corners of your wallpaper, and even in your clothing. They show no mercy, as they feast on everything, leaving behind undeniable signs of their presence.

The Life Cycle of a Cricket: Why Prevention is Key

African field cricket
Sean Wallace, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Females of the species lay hundreds, even thousands of eggs. While these won’t hatch within a year, hatch they will. Once they do, you’re stuck in an all-too-familiar cycle. So, dealing with the issue requires a two-step process: elimination and prevention.

Strategies on How to Get Rid of Crickets: The Time Has Come

Pest control man mixing chemicals
CDC / Unsplash

The good news? Evicting these pesky intruders doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. You have several safe and effective methods at your disposal.

1 – Chemical Crusade

You have the option of using bug sprays, which boast of formulated chemicals to target crickets. However, some people are wary due to the potential danger these chemicals may pose to humans and pets.

2 – Sweet Deception

A safer alternative is bait. Not only is it less harmful than spray, it can also be easily made at home. A glass jar filled with a cup of molasses is enough to lure crickets in, but not out. Molasses is like a siren call to crickets, but once they take the plunge, their movement is severely restricted.

3 – Silent Assassins

Traps designed specifically for crickets are also quite popular. These box-like apparatus house a lethal surprise. They are best placed out of the reach of children and animals, as ingestion can lead to complications.

4 – Calling In The Big Guns

When all else fails, sometimes hiring a professional is necessary. They are able to assess the gravity of the infestation and recommend a suitable course of action. Depending on the treatment, some homeowners may need to vacate their home for a few hours.

Prevention: How To Keep Crickets at Bay

Close up shot of a small cricket

After eliminating crickets, the next step is to prevent them from returning. This involves sealing off all potential entry points like cracks and air vents. But some openings simply can’t be sealed. In such instances, use a fine mesh to block off the access. Remember, outdoor plants can also attract crickets. Keep plants well-trimmed and away from your house.

As you’ve seen, taming the cricket chorus is achievable. With a little persistence and the right tools, your nights can be peaceful again. Happy cricket hunting!

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