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All About Cinnamon Cockatiels: A Guide to Their Unique Appearance and Personality

“All About Cinnamon Cockatiels: A Guide to Their Unique Appearance and Personality”

Welcome to the exotic world of birds! Let’s dive in and explore one charming species – the Cinnamon Cockatiel. A fascinating mutation of the ever-popular Gray Cockatiel, these birds are equal parts elegance and social! Convenient enough to keep as pets, you might just find them becoming your new favorite companion.

Diving Deeper Into the World of Cinnamon Cockatiels

Being part of the parrot family, these birds carry an infectious zest and social nature. They share close relations with the cockatoo, but sport a tail that stretches out much like a parakeet’s. An interesting feature to note is the erectile crest, which acts as an emotional indicator – when your little friend is excited, you’ll see an upright crest. But don’t be surprised if it’s flattened during its grumpy or defensive moments.

Physical Characteristics

These beauties can grow up to 12 inches – half of it is purely tail! A typical Cinnamon Cockatiel weighs approximately 3.5 ounces. As a pet, they develop an affection for toys, enjoy climbing, and can even learn to talk and whistle. Remember, these are social creatures who enjoy their fair chance at exercise – whether it’s flying around the house, or simply being in a large and spacious cage.

  • Sociable and vocal, they are great pets for homes.
  • Male Cinnamon Cockatiels are known to be better at talking and whistling.
  • A spacious play area with climbing alternatives keeps them engaged.
  • The Cinnamon Cockatiel’s Unique, Warm Colors

    Incessantly true to its name, the Cinnamon Cockatiel exhibits an irresistible allure that comes from its cinnamon color. A distinctive instance of a sex-linked mutation, this type stands out with its striking blend of brown, yellow, and cinnamon – adding to the entire body, eyes, feet, and even beak!

    The Cinnamon Cockatiel is born with plum color eyes like other breeds. However, within a few weeks, these transition to a profound brown. The expanse of yellow is also much more pronounced in these birds, especially across their face and chest. Remember: age, the sun’s rays, and the overall health of your feathered friend can subtly alter these colors.

    Finding These Cinnamon Feathery Friends

    Despite their uniqueness, these Cinnamon Cockatiels are not elusive. You can easily find one, depending on the regional availability. If they aren’t readily on display at your local pet shop, just ask – they can generally place a special order for you. So, why ponder? Make the most of this advice and bring a charming Cinnamon Cockatiel into your family today!

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