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Bird Seed Storage For Different Types Of Birds


Bird Seed Storage For Different Types Of Birds

If you are a wild bird admirer you may run into problems with you bird seed storage, especially if you admire more than one kind of bird. Since there are so many different types of bird seed, you may have to incorporate different methods and containers for your bird seed storage. You can then make sure that the feed you are giving to the birds is free from molds or any other harmful ingredients.

It also helps to find the feeder that is right for the particular bird you are trying to feed. Since all bird feeders are made according to the type of bird, you must choose the appropriate size and shape of the bird feeders. This all depends on the birds you would like to attract and keep in your yard, year round.

Robins and bluebirds have the same taste when it comes to feed. They prefer suet and berries but can also be fed nuts, raisins and breads. They do not need a special type container but do not use one that is too deep. If the feed that sits on the bottom of the container becomes wet it can produce mold and attract insects that can be harmful if ingested. Make sure the container is very wide and shallow for the best bird seed storage. Check the container everyday to make sure that it is clean and to add fresh food. If you cannot use fresh fruits, you can purchase them in dry form. When using these dry fruits they must not contain added sugars or any type or artificial sweeteners.

If you are trying to attract blue jays to your yard they love sunflower seeds, dried corn and breads. You can also use a wide shallow container to feed these types of birds but where you place them is important. Blue jays are very territorial birds and will fight with any other type of bird trying to eat their food. To avoid this you can place the containers up in the trees closer to where they are nesting. You can hang them from the branches or place them in a stable area between the branches so the birds can get to them easily.

Humming birds are perhaps the most popular bird to attract to your yard. Instead of using pre packed feed, they are fed a mix of nectar and water. The containers used are bottle shaped and have holes in the sides of the plastic covering so that the hummingbirds can easily sip the mixture. The prepared nectar is a deep red color that attracts the bird to it. You can also prepare your own type of nectar for the humming birds. For every cup of water you use, use one part sugar. You have to boil the mixture for a few minutes and let it cool before putting it in the new container. It does not matter if you don’t add red food coloring into this clear mixture. As long as the container has any red color on it, the hummingbirds will use it.

Pigeons and Doves like sunflower seeds, breads and a mix of nuts. But these types of birds can take over an entire area if over fed. If you use smaller containers with only a little of this bird feed you can avoid over population and soiling problems.

Always make sure the containers you use for bird seed storage are the appropriate size and shape for the wild birds you are trying to attract. You will also want to make sure they are clean and do not have any water puddles on the bottoms of the feeders. The best way to prevent any rotting is to purchase dried fruits and nuts.

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